In His Own Religious Words… President Obama Made Clear and Did Not Backtrack On…

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by Buck68™, August 15th 2010
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…In the Matter of the Mosque at Ground Zero

1- President Obama said he was not “speaking about wisdom”.

2-President Obama expressed freedom of religion as “the right to practice your religion”. Why, President Obama, did you declare the “right” to “practice” … Sharia Law? Or …any practice of any religion? That is…if you meant what you said. Now, as a Constitutional Scholar…Professor…what would you say about the constitutionality of your declaration?

3-President Obama also made reference to following “local laws and ordinances”. However, he said nothing about Sanctuary Cities who make laws in conflict with Federal law… or suing Arizona for making a law to enforce Federal Law … or his conjuired criterion for Supreme Court qualification, “empathy”. President Obama has made many declarations…and appointed many Czars….

Now President Obama’s critics have been parsing his popularity, his poll numbers, and the feelings and desires of various profiled groups. But, what critic has addressed President Obama’s remarks by COMPARING their CONTENT to the Declaration of Independence or Constitution?

Thought for Your Day:

When a person’s “ends justify his means”, who is he ‘out of touch’ with?

Who is he ‘in touch’ with?

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