“Just Do Something” – The Fairest Evah Deal of Lying to a Level

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by Buck68™, July 30th, 2011
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I’m so excited. I THAR mean “I’m so sick [sic] of this… I jest want it to end”.

So, come and get yours…cowards. Here it comes!

The Pole says TAP [the tapped for TARP, for 45 years of 2000+ ‘raising awareness’ pogroms]! The American People [TAP] are “just sick of this” and “just want something done to end this.” Waaa. Baaa. Being ONLY human … being Naturally Selected while you do be doo bee doo – is so exciting…except when it’s so depressing. Say 3 empathies.

Now to some THAR latest Amazings from Dear Leaders… mayhaps Jon Stewart can use them for his “entertainment”. [All quotes from Fox in the HenHouse Gnus… this fine morning].

Sen McConnell: “we now have a level of seriousness”. Transliteration: with so many too many not rising to the levels, at last we have “a level” that do be doo bee doo to all/no/whatever level.

Speaker Boehner: “I think we are working with responsible and reasonable people”….
Transliteration: Do you think? Do do be doo bee doo feel you think? Is saying, being doing? Google “Logical Fallacies” …. Luv the circular logic: I’m working with responsible & reasonable people… so i’m so responsible and so reasonable, i don’t have to be responsible or reasonable. I just need to deal by do be doo bee do to just get it done.

Nancy Pelosi: “he chose to go to the dark side”. NOW that the worthless, oppressive Manned Space Program is finally dead, I see by feeling that Nancy is by Far Side the Bestest Ever for Czar of the Unmanned Space Program.

[I AM Somebody said] “I think both sides…”. Transliteration: as long as you think 2 sides…you will get it from behind from every side you can dream of….

[some wannabe Dear Leaders, saying about President Dear Leader] “He has not been involved enough….” “He can’t be the world leader and tweet from the sidelines”. Transliteration: TAP so need ‘more’ involved… liars and incompetents… to ‘raise the awareness’ of … a nation of cowards? Hard to keep to our Gang of Dear Leaders’ Talking Points without stabbing your self in every Diversity.

[another Leader From Behind] “We have been out front talking….” Transliteration: The current Empathy of the old, old saying, “I’m behind you 1000% percent”, updated to “you’re behind you $135T and counting”.

[da buzz ona Deal]. Deal Daffynition: a lie you can believe in [if you’re dumb enuf, unaware, ONLY human, or THAR that stupid].

[gnus anchorditzyblonde to wannabe leader]: “but i HAVE TO ask you HOW YOU FEEL….” Transliteration: Be Tolerant! Be Sincere! Bee… Sting, by the Killer Bees!

[PUNDIT] TAP say “enough is enough”. Transliteration: HAHAHAHA!

1~None, nada, ZERO of the bills or deals REDUCE… THE… DEBT. ALL… the ‘compromises’ …INCREASE THE DEBT, and the INTEREST on the DEBT …EVERY YEAR… FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS.
2~ALL the DEALS, cut by not cutting… tomorrow, manana, …TRUST….
3~NONE of the DEALS can compromise… be cause there is NO BUDGET figures to ‘compromise’ … or ‘compare’. This is all the HOT AIR [the real global warming] of jest sayin’….
4~Thee ONLY ‘limit’ in ANY of these DEALS is HOW MUCH MORE TAP will give to unreliable, untrustworthy, irresponsible, unreasonable ELITES in exchange for more crumbs of sincerity, empathy, raising awareness, and stimulations of addication.
5~”The Enforcement Mechanism” in these DEALS is… more laws in the Neigh-Shun of Laws where Elites alway follow Laws by Feeling [interpretation, dealing], whatever, whenever, however they feel like it… ON YOU. TAP…tap…tap… that’s YOU…the victim of gravitas….
6~The only thing that is “DONE” is Raising the National Debt LIE to the TRILLION Tweet Level of 16.4 – 17.5 so the cacaophony of Tweeting outbuzzes the ROBBING until after The Election is …’over’ so you [TAP tap tap…that’s YOU] can’t touch Elites… for 2-6 MORE YEARS OF EMPATHETIC LYING AND STEALING.

It’s just Science: random determinism in entropy… by the Natural Law of Survival of the Fittest, by the fairest ever level process of Natural Selection….

STAY SEPARATED, my friends! Stay thirsty: don’t drink but when you drink – drink XX.

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