Kerry On: Where Do You Dock Your Yacht for Long Term Maintenance?

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by Buck68™, July 23rd 2010
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Now Senator Kerry [D-MA], Winter Soldier of Vietnam, docks his yacht for long term maintenance in a low tax area … and since this has ‘stimulated’ our attention … it means whatever each person feels at the moment.

In other words…as a BREAKING NEWS mouthpiece just said, “the hypocrisy is astounding”.

Except, of course, it isn’t. Hypocrisy…is …ordinary …pandemic … epidemic … human nature. Call it… sin-sear.

Only a willfully blind Brilliant Person would ‘passionately’ ‘believe’ that a nice citizen of the United States would not fulfill his civic duty to ‘minimize’ his taxes by… every available means.

Or jest say it as the song does: “carry on my wayward son…”.

DO NOT …stop … to consider … from this little teeny solitary tidbit of what All The Smarter, Richer People Do Naturally … the
consequences of all the smarter always finding ways to ‘minimize’ their taxes.

Just feel…that The Rich Are Evil …and They Must Pay …More Taxes.

And just feel …that every law raising The Tax bracket % of The Rich … Inevitably…Totally Honestly Actually Really [THAR] … RAISES THE TAXES they… actually… pay.

After all… Nobody Who’s Anybody Has a Yacht in the St Elsewhere of Less Taxes.


Now…in the Long Term Maintenance of our Great Society started in 1965 … All the Smarter, Richer People have… bought and maintained how many yachts in St Elsewhere?

Could it be… as many yachts as People Feeling Oppressed so They Need to Get Some More from… yacht owners?

And just who is THAR paying for this Eternal Game between the Rich with Missing Yachts…and the Oppressed with Missing Reparations?

Where it’s Every Elite Hiding More, vs Every Oppressed Getting More … and the ones paying for it all are … the people in the middle?

Or… perhaps the ones paying for it…are only 134 Trillion Dollars … and change … short?

Now, if you are better than others, you already know all this. If you ‘feel oppressed’, you have been feeling about taking since…whenever. So, the only question is…

when are you who have been ACTUALLY PAYING for all this hiding and stealing since 1965…GOING TO WAKE UP???

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