Memorialize, or Rededicate?

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by Buck68™, May 26th, 2012
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I appreciated VA Secretary Shinseki’s Memorial Day message [see URL below] for its simplicity and brevity. Yet every attempt to honor leaves some out, and attributes honor to all that only some, at times, earn. Are heroes those we elevate… or those known but to God? These thoughts are not to in any way dishonor, or to profess some religion – but to ask a question of moral perspective. If honor has become whatever any person feels, then where is honor except among thieves? If there is no honor, perhaps we should declare this a “Deception Free Day” before we tell those who have sacrificed how much we really care, honest …and just move on. But if there is honor, perhaps, amidst our daily daze of imagings, we might reflect on, honor.

Lincoln at Gettysburg chose to offer that memorial day as a time to appeal to the living, to “rededicate” ourselves to a “new birth of freedom”. Why? Simply, Lincoln said it is beyond our power to honor or consecrate for those who have sacrificed in battle for us. Lincoln simply asked us to consider what is within any individual’s power to do.

Lincoln asked us to rededicate our selves to a new birth of freedom. Natural being myself Freedom – where I feel and do whatever by my rights? No: that’s the science of evolution by survival of the fittest…in predator terms to prospective victims of progress.

Rededicate NOT to my feelings, my lifestyle, or our specialnesses – but, that this most un-natural country, originally predicated on the Creator’s self-evident Truth, might long endure. Compared to Science and Selfishness, this is a most unnatural dedication. How would this kind of dedication be possible, without what the Founders termed the Creator’s Providence? A kind of protection that saves us from our selves and each other …to keep experimenting with those unique and in common gifts He has given …yet keep trying to take from one another?

Rededicate our selves to a new birth of freedom, under God – that narrow, arduous, sacrificial, continuing path that few individuals, and no Chosen Group or government… find, much less stay on.

That this nation, might long endure. Those who have sacrificed and fallen, have endured to the end. We the living, have not yet endured to our end. Is this not simple? Is this not a matter of rededicating – not counting, feeling, getting, blaming, fighting back?

So, is this where I start telling you what to feel, think, say, or do? Gee whiz… everybody does it.

Rather, I relay to you what I ought to keep trying to do, in all my imperfections and immoralities. Stop feeling naturally, start listening for Him. How can the Creator not speak in all things, all ways, all the time …in His creation?

When I try to listen His way, there is plenty for me to say and do to try and live by His love, His care, His gifts, His purposes and blessings.

What greater “honor” can I do for others, than personally, privately, asking permission to help another EXACTLY as I have been given to understand? And doing so like the Creator: without IMPOSING on another?

As it was put once for all in Luke 17:10 “So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you say ‘We are unworthy slaves; we have done onlly that which we ought to have done.’” So, I don’t have to worry about MY success… do I?

What more stark and gentle question; about sacrifice, endurance, and perspective; than in John 5:44: “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another, and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God?

That verse reminds me of those in every conflict that government brings back from among their comrades in battle, to display before us as heroes, while their buddies keep fighting. There are a few among those in every conflict like John Basilone, and a few like his wife, Lena Mae Riggi.

Once, in an open moment, i received to go and ask a pastor “what can I do?” That became a 4 month walk in His love with a dying stranger. Another moment, I spent 3 months over thinking and delaying what it took me 5 minutes to do. Each, and the others… keep giving, and help me … “rededicate” after my latest stumble.

Some quote the Bible and say you must be reborn to be saved. Isn’t it also written, that He keeps making all things new, and holds all things together by the power of His word, and converts all things to the good for them that love Him? Because I am in part… i get to pick my parts?

So, if there is honor, it is of, by, and for the LORD, and no other. And this Nation under God, is but another shadow of His purpose, like the Chosen People of yore. This nation, if a Nation of Cowards, would only be natural, evolving to whatever to be… the same vanity in just another skin.

So, for all of us, each in his own way, perspective is the same: wherever our treasure is, there our hearts shall be also. Wherever we store up that treasure, determines if it will endure… timelessly.

Suggested Reading for Those Interested in Heroism: Hebrews Chapter 11.
Hebrews… maybe written by an unknown to a few disadvantaged immigrants across a sea in a far land, in a City On Hills under the thumb of Caesar in the Greatest Empire and Laws ever. Who’s whose heroes… that last …to first?

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