Natural Bull

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by Buck68™, April 22nd 2011
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NB: This article responds to Thomas Sowell’s article “Bull About Bullying”, at URL

Since it relationally follows Mr Sowell’s paragraph order and content [specific word choices bolded], suggest you read his article before poisoning yourself at this well…. To attempt the arcane unnatural act of comparing/contrasting content… you could put the two articles side by side….

Is the problem … the symptom I name? What I perceive? Whatever I want to say about? Am I a Midnight Cowbody*…Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me?** Is there no sign that anybody is going to do anything?

When I want to do nothing, yet look like I am doing something, what do I do? Why… I do what Thomas Sowell says politicians & educators do. Among other things.

If I can’t even stop my self, how much less can I stop a symptom?

But I am always able to find fault…elsewhere.

So, everything…happenspromptly and decisively.

Happenings cannot be stopped, be-cause they have no cause – they just keep ‘happening’. Like ‘change’. Happenings are either random or determined. Fact-based Science Says So, so in fact you must accept it.

Power, you say? Natural Selection, Science Says. Survival of the Fittest, Science Says. Where in Science is this abuse you talk about? We’re all just doing what comes Naturally… whatever we call it.

Where is responsibility in Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest? Just an abstract question: if you ‘are responsible’, then how can some omitted thing…prevent YOUR responsibility?

A chorus, you say? Rather noise signals, eh? The human naturally discrimminates about everything he perceives, like all the animals and plants do. Stimulus, response.

Agree: in Science, no one [is] in his right mind. And no one really – a human is an organism responding to the environment, being natured or nurtured. Yes, make-believe is part of deception is part of Survival of the Fittest. Ain’t it grand?

There have been stories since the Hunter-Gatherers.

Why fuss about Mother Nature? Peck…or be Pecked …while making any noise you feel like, or marking whatever signs you want.

Yes, Science Says none of this is unique. It’s all Random or Determined. There is no First Cause … just “dis-covered” Natural Law and… Entropy.

So… be… law-abiding. Actually – Be Pecked and make whatever noises and signs.

There is no murder. There is no abuse. There is … just a period of bodily detention until you are re-formed Naturally.

Learn, you say? Imitate, Science Says. So…just peck, or run to avoid being pecked. And get rid of the silly notion of doing… it is SOOO unnatural.

Science…or sentience. One happens. The other is ‘aware’ of… ?

* 1968 movie, The Midnight Cowboy
** name & first line of song by Nilsson, first line [first stanza message for those interested]

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