NCAA President Mark Emmert’s Provocative Deep Emotions and Shakings… Silence the Lambs of Diversity

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by Buck68™, July 23rd, 2012
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I had to Adjust My Schedule to take some Search time to find an actually, really text of the actual, real NCAA official remarks in their Announcement to Penn State today. Here they are in full, but I will only be provoked by NCAA President Emmert’s impositional whatevers for ensuring the rebuilding of the horribly awry.

I’ve read the President’s remarks 3 times, carefully each time. The more I try to rationally relate what he said, the more confused I get. Is it just my inferior brain, or are his goals, principles, morals, culture, most fundamental, values, integrity, responsibility, horrific, horribly awry, athletic, place above, make sure… totally shuffled several times … perhaps to Invest in the Education of a daily mindset?

Do deeply powerful emotions shake our National Presidents’ most fundamental confidence in many ways … so they keep tragic damage they cannot remove foremost in their thoughts? Wouldn’t this terrible scarring scouring, slightly inhibit …thinking? Anyway, isn’t it true that, if any NCAA person were successful, that person did not build it himself – government enabled it… along with all the special group rights government bequeaths by profiling? So how can these Presidents ensure… anything? That is, if they were somehow Kept from powerful emotional shakings provoked and foremost in so many ways?

I wonder at this Silence of the Lambs about the 100 year plus assurance of wholly embracing the values of education. One hundred years makes them… 100 years of not change, out-of-touch, not evolving, not empathizing educational values. This would explain why the last 50 years of Investing in Education have produced unexpectedly worse performance and better and better learning disabilities…over and over and moreover.

Where is our Dear Leader who so recently evolved to prove his point that gay marriage is the same as marriage by poignant, courageous Announcing? Where is SCOTUS to re-announce that lying by a public official is… Free Speech …so how could there possibly be any coverup? Where are those Lions, those Pioneers of LGBT to defend their perfectly legitimate special rights when one of their own is being horribly deprived of his rights, called a monster, and lynched by the media? Where is the Occupying, the Noisemaking …for Jerry and his Kids?

What has “athletic” or “football” got to do with Evolving by Progress to get Social Justice? Where is Tolerance? Where is Celebrating Diversity – Respecting All Lifestyles and Cultures? What fundamental impositional punisher sets himself and his backroom clique up as judgers and penalizers of people of Diversity fairly living their Vision Statements and being all they can be?

The Tragic? What these 1% NCAA of 100 year old out-of-touches have done to our natural evolving is…is … fundamentally EVIL!

The NCAA is horribly separated from the morals of today by their 100 years of Jim Crow laws. Where’s our Keeper in this terrible injustice? We must Invest in Education so that the rites of the oppressed and demonized like Jerry will be mindset-ed into caring and sharing people everywhere. Free the sex slaves! Civil Rights for Sex Education! FORWARD! Occupy the NCAA and offices of their 117 country club Presidents! Jerry went an extra mile for so many kids, and a few courageous evolvers tried to help, and Jerry just tried to be himself …and look what they’ve done to him, and the Rainbow of blue and white colored people culture!

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