NCFRR Input 4 of 4: An Unaware Disbanding of Fiscal Responsibility

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The President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform [NCFRR] met in Washington DC this past Wednesday, and publicly performed its veritable Profile in Cowardice.

NCFRR did not define and set Principles and Values [ref 1st 3 Inputs], much less cite legal authority for them. Consequently, NCFRR lacked rational means to identify criteria and assumptions. Thus, it subverted the rational process of seeking and qualifying relevant data. By asserting emotions to supplant moral standards & authority, it subsidized the popular perception that “lying doesn’t rise to the level”. Absent honesty, manipulation supplants communication. Why? Because my ends justify my means naturally governs ‘my relationships’. Thus, NCFRR joined the host of ‘reformers’, lying first to themselves so they became unable to rise to any level with others.

No Creator = no Ultimate Authority for people, nation, individual rights. SEPARATION from the Creator = supplanting by men by ‘my ends justify my means’. Men disguise taking power over others by all means, e.g. religion, science, rationalizations, emotional appeals, fantasies….

The Creator has given and keeps giving…men, take. The Creator “endows” each person with unalienable rights. Men…try to take others’ rights away by all means, e.g. personality, claiming knowledge or expertise, marketing themselves and things, claiming possession of authority, power, and/or emotions….

Can any person validate the nature of men by “holding him accountable”? Does not any person require a standard of measure and an accurate means to gather data…for the process of ‘accountability’? Science Says any person ‘sees’ by his own senses, filtered instinctively by stimulation and cognitively by thoughts and intentions. Thus, every person who would ‘see’ another person first needs to assess his own willingness and ability to perceive. But wherever ‘lying doesn’t rise to the level’, special people ‘get justice’ by ’empathy’…which requires ‘inappropriate’, ‘profiled’ people to pay whatever…plus reparations.

Socrates reputedly said, “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

Examined…by who? How?

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform was but one of a Legion of Studies… of the behaviors of a person, group, leader, or government … UNWILLING to first examine itself. Its behaviors reveal its efforts not only to hide its own irresponsibility by lying to itself, but its intentions to lie to all earners who pay. But most of all, NCFRR behaviors illustrate how to manipulate people to gain more power.

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