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by Buck68™, October 30th 2010
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Wanna ‘be the first’ to THAR* ‘hold them accountable’? Then hold yourself accountable…by Voting…to the United States citizen’s responsibility to vote. And practically, because in any group or Nation where lying under oath ‘does not rise to the level’ … stupidity reigns by sincerely feeling Right in My Own Mind. If enough ‘we the people’ do not vote our way out of our Reigning Stupidity…well…well?

VOTE! For this election, many hundreds of thousands of non-citizens, felons, ex-felons, dead people, fictitious people, and whoever’s paid, will vote…and vote…and vote…here, there, and wherever. Countless citizens will be profiled to deny their right to vote – just like in the good old days when elites denied “unalienable rights” to women and blacks… and many others it is NOW not ‘appropriate’ to ‘mention’. Then you too can ‘be part of’ some of the countless “full and complete investigations” of election fraud…and recounts until the right candidate wins. You know, the ones elites TELL you “give you confidence in our Electoral System”…but neither find, nor prosecute, nor imprison the thousands of individual and group defrauders. Except a couple unlucky ‘tokens’ here & there. Perhaps someday soon we’ll have enough “Social Justice” so any judge will just tell whatever level of government it cannot enforce its citizenship or election laws…unless the czars ‘just do it’.

But before we randomly determine that Great Day by Evolution and Progress…VOTE! THAR*! VOTE… at your precinct place! LOOK…LISTEN … observe WIGO** at your precinct voting location! Can you find out who’s counting every mark on your ballot…or not…or changing yours, or adding theirs? Remember, Stalin said “It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes that matters.” And since lying… ‘doesn’t rise to the level’ …should you ‘trust’ any counter, or what any counter says to you? Remember, elites can say whatever, and do whatever else, and be fair to you…and you must ‘be tolerant’ and ‘respect everyone’. In other words, FRAUD abounds everywhere, in an Exceptional Land of the Free where everyone ‘has feelings’… and no one lies but everybody does it….


Vote for an evil person – a sinner who has shown he knows how to do good things.

Vote for a person who has recovered from a bad mistake to achieve something productive for himself AND others.

Should you Vote for someone whom others convinced to run for office; or, one who ‘dreamed of being the leader’?

Vote for the plain, ordinary person; not the flashy, ‘charismatic’, or ‘imaged’ one; I mean, don’t these very words define the person’s kind of FACADE?

Should you vote for a person who hides things you as an ordinary citzen would have to produce for a license, identity, to validate your resume, or to file your taxes lawfully and on time?

Vote for someone who has repeatedly done volunteeer, local community human service [NOT service in a large non-profit organization.]

Should you vote for a person who habitually evades questions?

Vote for a soldier who has been in combat, yet tries to explain rather than condemn our Nation’s conflicts and our conduct.

Vote for a person who identifies the mistakes he makes, and reasonably recovers from them.

Vote for a businessperson who earned his riches – not one who maneuvered to ‘get more’ at the expense of employees or investors.

IF honesty and character don’t matter to you, or are whatever you feel… don’t vote! You’re too good, too fair, too godly, and too busy as it is.

Should you Vote for a problem-solver, or a promiser?

Vote for a person who has failed often and kept trying, as a person learns more from failing than succeeding.


A vote for a “good” person is a vote to acknowledge not what is good, but Who is the Sole Authority for good. You know, the only One we must get rid of, and not even mention… in order to Progress. You know, so you and I are ‘right’ …to do to others whatever we feel like…whenever yes we can…

But…it’s only essential that ordinary people produce extraordinary candidates if we expect to then dump our problems on their desk…isn’t it?

What if elites and ordinary people keep on advertising, marketing, imaging, and rebranding ourselves? Pretty soon no person will know who he is…and will get mad if someone even asks. And if a person does not know himself… how can he know another?


The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

A vote for a good person is a vote to acknowledge not what is good, but Who is the Sole Authority for good. You know, the only One we must get rid of, in order to Progress. You know, so you and I are ‘right’ …to do to others whatever we feel like…whenever ‘yes you can’.

My Favorite Fantasy: America would be so fair, so level, so empathetic, so socially just, so multicultural, so diversity, so greatest ever… if everyone else would just feel, think, say, and do EXACTLY as I tell them….
…and hate the evil ones, the misguided, the potentially racist, the profilers, the extremists, the radicals, the…whatever I name ‘them’, whoever i feel is… ‘inappropriate’
…to get revenge, to get reparations, to get more of mine from them, to get more sanctuaries, to be more special, to…

I am so honest, so humble, so…right… in my favorite fantasies… I AM…THE ONE….
…that any reasonable, ordinary person would disqualify for any office of public trust….

===acronyms used
*THAR = totally, honestly, actually, really [whenever we use them, what comes next?]
**WIGO = what is going on? [every appropriate animal uses Stimulation, not WIGO, to respond – i.e. the opposite of the problem-solving process]

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