Origin of the Species of Education

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by Buck68™, May 26th 2010
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Today I stumbled upon David Horowitz’s 2004 article about problems and solutions in American colleges [see url reference]. With the advantage of 6 years of Evolution and Progress, below is my attempt to ‘drill down’ toward the problem.

Reference: The Problem with America’s Colleges and The Solution · 03 September 2004

Education is rationally thee cognitive* and affective* essential for sustaining a democratic society. Essential adult implementing institutions include the media, religions, and the justice system. Additionally, in a federal republic such as the USA, continually applying the founding concepts of express powers and checks & balances are practically essential at all levels of government and all human organizations.

Yet, in America, what makes these institutions and concepts essential? Is it reasoning alone? No. Essential to reasoning, are the morals that establish the premises of legal and qualitative deductions that apply our reasoning to individuals, groups, social contracts, and institutions.

Further, is it any morals, or certain morals? It is certain morals, as determined by identifying certain authority for those certain morals. Furthermore, it is morals from an authority not from man, and, higher than man. If such authority were from men, moral authority would be a neverending conflict of who’s on top, or who’s to blame, or i’m better than you…justified by ‘morals are mine’. So the Authority for these certain morals must necessarily be not only Divine, but a divinity not invented by men. Rephrasing, this god must be God – the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God – not my god, your god, our god, their god, or no god. Otherwise, there is insufficent Authority, hence justification, for our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution.

Now practically, in order for We The People to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, and insure domestic tranquility, this God must Provide liberty and blessings to all, but not impose Himself on any person. Why? Consider all individuals. If God were to impose Himself on any person in this life, then some would not have His gift of liberty, some not His gifts of choosing and reasoning. The Providence of this God must give certain individual rights in order for those rights to be “inalienable“. A god who imposes, either deceptively or by power, cannot rationally be the Provider of individual rights or equality.

And, it is in the mysterious and First Cause of creation and sustaining of all things tangible and intangible, that human beings from whatever our prehistoric beginnings have recognized God. God, as the Creator of all we imperfectly see and perceive.. In this attribute of God, ‘Creator’, there is no religion of man, no denomination, no people better or worse than. The Creator God is as inclusive as human beings can comprehend our selves in the microcosm to the macrocosm…and into indefinable unknowns. Perhaps the word “discovery” helps to grasp the undefinable: when man ‘discovers’, he merely dis [un] covers… some piece of the Creator’s creation. And, could we add to this humbling moment, by recognizing that our ‘discoveries’…have not exactly been ‘accurate’?

Regardless of any individuals’ personal beliefs, do human beings not rationally know two things about God? One, imperfect man can neither comprehend God, nor perfect himself. Two: no man is god.

Thus, by the authority in these universally recognized Divine attributes, men receive the gifts of God that enable individuals to justify our Independence and Constitution. Thus imperfect men established a universal foundation “from faith to faith”, rather than of a belief of men who would be kings or elites.

What individually chosen faiths are included? Any, including non-beliefs, that DO NOT CONFLICT with the individual inalienable rights the Creator granted to all individuals. Or, if you will, the Golden Rule relationship applied: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In other words, upon the Creator’s inalienable gifts and the certain moral principles that enable individual liberty in applying them, rest the authority for all government and law. And practically, upon “education”, rests the citizen’s and institution’s responsibility to learn and teach how to recognize, discern, and discourse in order that “this nation, so conceived and so dedicated … shall long endure”.

Thus the role of “Education” in this Federal Republic is first to understand the Authority and relationships which justify this Nation’s independence, continuing purposes, and the nature of our individual rights and responsibilities. For example, what is the concept of “sacred honor” without Who is Sacred, and from what morals we define “honor”? Practically, what is an Oath of Office to a person who rationalizes a certain definition of sacred honor?

Therefore, this whole so-called ‘debate’ of ‘separation of church and state’, is but one of the many deceptive conflicts inherent in the ‘traditions of men’ who seek various forms of power and control over other people.

The moral and rational ‘truth’ of these United States of America is, that without accepting the Ultimate Authority of this named Divine Providential Creator, we are just more imagings of men in the old games of ‘survival of the fittest’ by whatever deceptive faith or feeling or name anyone conjures or professes. IF there is any “exceptionalism” in the USA, it is Authored and Given by GOD, not man. As in, “In God We Trust”. It is GOD that reconciles and betters man. Man, as the current chant goes, “celebrates die-versity”. What is more literally transparent than Celebrating Diversity…at University… to illustrate that only GOD can save this Republic…again…as He has Providentially, despite men, from our beginnings?

Put another way, to learn about the Universe at University, first become a student of the Creator, His creation, or First Cause. This is the chief cornerstone of nurturing how to think, which is esssential for each indiividual to exercise his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

*denotes terms for learning domains from Bloom’s Taxonomy

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