Our Vain Act of Something New Under the Sun

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by Buck68™, August 10th, 2013
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Why Privacy and Freedom Can Sometimes Be Opposed by Jon Perry, 8/5/2013

What a great illustration [what isn’t?] that… “upon what comes first, all else depends”.

You note that Ann Cavoukian “began” by “claiming that privacy and freedom are fundamentally aligned.” Yet whosoever starts with a “claim”, ipso facto stands on the sands of human ‘ethics’ [non-sequitur] and power. So wherever we want to start, reveals where we ought [used as a moral imperative] to start. Does not accurate meaning, require ultimate Authority for origin and morals?

The cancers of The Privacy Act et seq are a useful example in our time. It no more protects privacy… than Neville Chamberlain’s paper produced ‘peace’.

The acts of men, simply illustrate the ‘what goes around, comes around’ in our deceptions. Intended for others [the Johari Window ‘Facade’]… as we believe our own cover story… we deceive ourselves [‘Blind Spot’].

Thus, as our forefathers recognized, human government is inherently a bone to be chewed in any kind of whether [i.e. “when in the course of human events it becomes necessary…”] by those seeking ‘more’…power. Government will no more ‘get better’ with ‘more rules’… than that very first ‘stand-up guy’ – Adam… would either follow that one first rule, or enforce it. Given ‘everything’ but one thing, when tested, he failed… and then, when called on it… blamed “the weaker vessel”… Eve.

Thus… SEPARATION… is pandemic and fatal. The first casualty of SEPARATION is “self-evident truth”. [IE can the lesser, separate from the Greater? Does the clay, reform the Potter?] It spawns the necessity of neverending BS… like ‘progress’ …by ‘all means necessary’; and ‘us vs them’. ‘More’ endless cover stories for what we ‘peer review’ as Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection.

Naturally, how can “lying rise to the level” when “whatever” is THAR [totally, honestly, actually, really]? ‘Whatever’ is the Whore on Whatever. It’s ‘what is…is’. It’s our Fair Secretary of State. It’s the First ever all Black half black of white brown and yellow not colored and 1/32 not red. And it is imperative that Nobody Ever Go Back, and always LEAN FORWARD! Why? In order to blind ourselves to the myriad examples of THE SAME DAMN STUFF throughout human history.

So, inasmuch as this argument is accurate, then what is “freedom”, but what God has given each soul – before we self-anointed ‘most advanced species’ ‘re-form’ it into a by-product of ‘sentience’? And what do ‘we’ [well, you and those other abusive folks i name ;-{)} ] DO with God’s universal gift? We fundamentally abuse it – by telling what it ‘really means’ while taking it from others.

If “religion” is man claiming what he self-evidently is not [consider the beautiful perversion of “my” God], to self-justify “doing what comes naturally… for me… on you”; then, we by our every thought word and deed are merely provers of the negative.

Privately AND publically… we abuse the gift of freedom by deceiving and imposing on our fellow man. Or, applying your title, man opposes God’s Authority sometimes… and denies Him the rest. Just ask us: We are the world …experts … [‘we’ meaning ME, and you IF you always feel think say do EXACTLY what i tell you].

Now this would be ‘proselytizing’… so ‘we’ could sincerely feel some ‘extremist’ is to blame for this nefarious wrong stuff …that each of us already knows is true.

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