Reform … or Re Form? Three basic suggestions about Money

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by Buck68™, April 29th 2010
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Good morning, fellow Cowards! The charades of elites continue. Irresponsible responsibilities abound. Today our President blames Congress [unwilling to tackle immigration] or Arizona [racist by enforcing federal law]. Yesterday he compelled Congress [health care – deem it before you read it, find out cost and coverage later, alligator]. It’s just one “misguiding” after another. Apparently ‘everbody’s doing it’ but…’him or them’ are always ‘to blame’!

All these Hopeful ‘n Hateful Happenings involve…power & MONEY. What happened to the GOOD OLD Investigative Media Mantra… “follow the money” …that got that Evil Guilty Corrupt Coverup Crook to Resign?

Well, we had to SEPARATE the CHURCH of counting money…from the STATE of monies: off-budget, IOUs, printing money stimulations, and electronic buzzing it out of thin …ether. That’s the way to keep dishing out Money Hope – keep Changing the names and Czar-ing the rules!

Perhaps this Amazing But Not Surpising money laundering scheme… is all Greek to you…Cowards? So…let’s Return to Those Thrilling Days of YesterYear and …follow the money!

THREE WAYS TO Find Your Money

FIRST. FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE. PROBLEM: While Congress controls its own pay, benefits, perks, retirement, exemptions, privileges…and, in no small irony… “ethics”… DO YOU…have a representative or, does the representative…have you? How are your fright & outrage, and decades of Congressional “reforms” … working for you? SOLUTION: REMOVE Congress’ tyrannical powers to benefit themselves.

MEANS: Constitutional Amendment, as follows: “Each State of these United States shall be the sole and complete authority for establishing & enforcing all forms of fiscal, tangible, and intangible compensation; and, ethical standards; and, all disciplinary measures; for those Members of Congress elected by the People of that State.”

SECOND. END unconstitutional FEDERAL STEALING AND EXTORTION of the States by the means named ‘Revenue Sharing”. Once a practical means to advance civil rights, it has become a tyrannical process by which the Federal Government takes State revenues, then dictates programs & standards [mandates], redistributes States’ monies, and even orders States to comply without providing funds. EVERY SINGLE area of the multitude of Federal involvements not within Constitutional express powers of Congress, is unconstitutional. The POWER to act unconstitutionally, comes with the CONTROL of the monies to do so.

MEANS. State by State legislative nullification of the unconstitutional Federal process of “revenue sharing”, and ALL federal programs in violation of the express Constitiutional powers of Congress and the President.

THIRD. END the unjust and unconstitutional legalisms of “no fault” and “community property”. These two processes, in Federal and State laws and case law, nullify one purpose of the Constitution as written in the Preamble: “establish justice”. It is rationally self-evident that “justice” is neither “nobody is at fault”; nor a formula for dividing custody & property based on a set of assumptions and fixed criteria.
MEANS. State by State class action suit, state voter initiative, and/or legislative nullification of the unconstitutional processes of “no fault” and presumption/formulae-based custody and community property laws. All such laws violate due process of law by substituting a standardized process for the civil judicial process.

SUMMARY: Follow the money. Power by money is the means by which the tyrannical ends of elites …become ‘legal’; become ‘social justice’; become whatever ‘image’ elites use to emotionally appeal to people. But the means of this CARE…is ever more power for elites. More regulation. More redistribution. More interpretation of government defined ‘special’ rights – exactly the opposite of God-given self-evident rights to all people. Controlling money provides the Power to IMPOSE. How? Legally Impose it on …any group of The People… by stoking hate and anger BETWEEN groups of The People until there is a ‘crisis’ of …hate, revenge, fright, outrage, gimme greed. Thus the old, old ‘divide and conquer’ …destroys the American Experiment of e pluribus unum….

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