Short and Sweet – Compromise!

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by Buck68™, May 28th, 2012
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I just listened to former US Senator Simpson [R-WY], late of President Obama’s Bowles-Simpson Commission about our national debt, give one of his characteristically practical, sharp, rejoinders.

He said on Fox News, perhaps about some Republicans in Congress:

[1] “Show me a guy who won’t compromise, and I’ll show you a guy with rocks for brains.”


[2] “If you want to be a purist, go to a mountain top and pray to the East or something.”

Well… Senator:

Thank you for illustrating for many TV watchers that a smart, experienced, successful person can say something almost as stupid as… I can. Boy does your illustration save me… embarrassment! To say nothing of my… dignity. And now that you have illustrated the following points, i don’t have to talk about any of the rest of my stupidities and …worse.

[1] Who cannot tell the difference between the frame, and the picture? Hmmm…anyone with a ‘vision problem’? Anyone with a perception problem? Anyone who… doesn’t feel like it? Anyone? Everyone…anytime?

The frame is the term “compromise”. Look up the definition; don’t forget to feel ‘whatever’ as you reinvent it.

The picture, the substance, the content… is the issue, the situation, the pros & cons – what to compromise about and why [to what purpose or goal].

Now what prevails these days is EXACTLY what Sen. Simpson says: say whatever…then name call the opponent if they don’t “compromise”. Any kid already knows how to do this with mom or dad FAR BETTER than ALL our DEAR LEADERS. If i want 5 cookies… i humbly ask for … 10. “Compromise” for …7.5 …and take 8 because you don’t want to make crumbs for mom to clean up. Then say nice things about mom and… beg for more.

[2] Well, any god who’s right in his own mind is already a “purist”. A pure…idiot. But…a VERY sincere one! How about, under the latest National Defense Appropriation Act … WE THE PEOPLE send all the “purists” to that mountaintop the Senator mentions and let them fight it out… AND… LEAVE… US… ALONE!

Mean – while, lesser people could CUT 50% of government regulations and reduce/combine 50% of government pogroms. How? Simple. Each Federal Department AND each branch of federal government cuts 50% by 1 October 2012; or, we “compromise” by “equality” and EVERY office and program in each federal department automatically gets cut 50%.

Martin Luther King Jr went to the mountaintop in 1963 and saw the promised land. He relayed the essential NON-COMPROMISE: ‘content of character’

We have only impurely turned those words inside out and upside down since… like the natural man just being himself does in every generation, without compromise… to his fellow man.

So cut the bull, my fairer betters. Don’t organize to compromise others. Rather, first try to purify your self; THEN, try to contribute.

Right now, Dear Leaders, the toilets of every citizen are full of your campaign and positional crap. We’re coming to our senses in our pigsty and it stinks. Perhaps we should elect plumbers with no experience in anything but cleanup this November…?

But mean – while, not one cent or any other support for any candidate until, one at a time, each person who would be King, returns from that mountaintop with the content of her or his character revealed.

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