SLL2. STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN…today, now, and next.

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by Buck68™, December 31st 2010
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Am I ever my own worst enemy, especially whenever I am out of my own control? Am I ever my own worst enemy because my controls and my intentions are [to be nice] …imperfect? So…when am I NOT my own worst enemy? [that stampede you hear is all the nice fair balanced appropriate caring special people …leaving this building. I mean, weebee tolerant but inappropriate is over the top].

It doesn’t take very many questions for me to get myself… ‘totally’ uncomfortable. And I NEVER ask myself too many questions or I’d be… “totally” [enjoy the humor].

If you’re not laughing…you’re either angry or you’ve already fled by some sincere feeling that covers your fear. Simon Science Says So*. For those few enjoying the humor, and/or finding themselves in the Hell** of this article … let’s keep going and observe some THARs*** about us ‘adults’ for a moment:

~How much of your daily life, and how many things that you do, do you do by habit? In other words, right away without thinking?
~How many feelings do you feel in your average day? Simply, Simon Science Says feelings are instinctive, emotional responses to external [sensory] or internal [feeling or thought] stimuli. Do you know how Science Says you feel? Is it possible to choose your feelings…or is it accurate to feel they JUST, MUST ‘happen’?
~So, THAR, how much of ‘your life’ is ‘being there for you’? Meaning, you don’t recognize, know, or understand [****] WIGO***** because whatever you are feeling, saying, or doing is instinctive, habit, or happening?

Now isn’t it about time to goto an expert about these things instead of babble on in my ignorance or be meanspirited? OK. I not only went to a psychiatrist… I went to one I could trust, even one who claimed the same Faith Label, even a caring one with 20 years’ field experience now a Professor. I compared the Professor’s chosen subject material to the Professor’s teaching materials. Empirically, this Professor demonstrated lack of cognitive understanding of the basic human psychological methods or models this Professor was teaching. The instinctive response pattern to my [the learner] questions of The Professor [the expert] was avoidance or deflection. Empirically, The Professor ‘progressed’ from “thanks a lot for helping me with this lesson plan” to “don’t go there” to “don’t talk to me at all about this and related subjects”. Liberally sprinkled with “I’m too busy”. So I ran to The Faith Label… but only in a crisis when I needed it. In 3 ‘crises’ the Professor & I were no longer able to deny or avoid or project on someone else… i appealed to follow The Faith. Each time the fellow faither responded, “another time”. Finally, after listening to several of the Professor’s statements about me… I …uh …disassociated from this Professor.

So, isn’t this Professor …whatever I feel? Nope. Not at all. In horrifying violation of The Privacy Act, I hereby state that The Professor is… just like me. The Professor instinctively, irrationally, and negatively responds to that great group of stimuli felt as “uncomfortable” or its legion of whatever words. So do I. The Professor does not follow his own teachings. Neither do I. The Professor does not trust in his own chosen Faith unless it feels good. Neither do I. The Professor avoids, denies, and projects every single thing, each time… the Professor does not want to ‘cope’ with it. Uh…son of a gun …so do I. Every… single …time.

How do I know I’m just the same? Being lesser, I just followed all the honest special experts who Know that Tell me I don’t know. I polled. But since i ‘don’t know’ …I Asked, not Told. First I went exactly where I felt like ‘not going there’. Second, I asked the exact questions I didn’t want to, the ones that ‘made me feel uncomfortable’. [See questions in this article]. It was a short poll of only 2 people: any ‘them’ …and me.

Simply, I reverted to my kid roots of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. It works fine for an elementary school kid … each time the kid chooses to apply it before the kid crosses a street. Any kind of ‘street’…any kind of ‘crossing’.

Special & Teller Adults do not do this… because they ‘know better’. I am inappropriate…so I always know worse than ‘them’. So, where They Tell …I ask. It’s only… FAIR. Special People demand, ‘gimme respect’. So the not-special, should give respect.

And another thing about those kids. Whenever they STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN … even for a moment …what do they often do next?

Kids ask questions about whatever has ‘stimulated’ them. Kids ask The Expert… you know …the adult. And always when the adult is in the middle of something more important! And they keep right on asking… a terribly annoying habit!

Now the Habitual Expert Adult …does not even know WIGO, because he’s on auto-response by habit so he so smart he not need to ‘think’, he so busy habituating and exciting himself [i’m even totally so excited to be here!] he not ‘have the time’. Since it takes ‘thinking’ to recognize, understand, and rationally answer a question … you [being nice and reasonable and so very patient with all this babbling] can see why those ignorant kids are such pests with their questions. Heck… weren’t you a kid once? So …do you remember your ‘asking questions phase’ that all the fact-based Science books tell us about [unless they’ve been reinvented]? Or even what mommies say about kids asking questions? [pause for Humor: what’s the best answer to a kid’s question? A: ask (name somebody who isn’t there)]. Care to guess how many former kids now adults even remember asking questions as a kid? Wonder why? Could there ‘be a clue’ in what you the adult immediately ‘feel’ when asked a question?

What do you feel now? Discomfort…’rising to the level’? Remember, Congress said in 1998 “lying doesn’t rise to the level”. So feel free to whatever! Am I … ‘getting too personal’ …perhaps? THAR?

Frightening and Outrageous Feelings that STOP LOOK & LISTEN …’make you feel’:

~Foolishness is feeling you know. Feeling you know is an addictive cancer which produces the complete lie of ‘right in my own mind’. When whatever is ‘right in your own mind’ …you are so addicted, if it feels good, you do it. SSSS*.
~A Knower is a Teller who does not need to STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN.
~Common Sense: feeling you know blinds you to observing and thinking, the two rational basics which enable learning.
The third basic of learning is… willingness to use the first two…honestly.
~”Charisma” is when somebody fools you by using your own foolishness and you are ‘so excited’ you feel like the Insurance Commercial girl “getting carried away…all the time…”.

So, if Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living” … by the Progress of Evolution SSSS proves us not human but animals so we be the best we can be by feelings in happenings. Example: since Green is Good… Soylent Green by whatever green would be so sweet.

So Celebrate Diversity is the WIGO of noledge. So Haiku in the Forest of Know Trees [that Level Playing Field of Multicultures With No Discrimination and Tolerance]:

People – summer fetal tissue here
winter carbon units there
spinging falls being animal feels

And Scoobie Doo is now the Planet’s Greatest Philosopher for Adults: “and I woulda got away with it too, if it hadn’ta been for those darned kids!”

And, a totally dead vagrant yet provides the simplest, best ever advice to every single person everywhere for all time who seeks Truth: “become as a child”.

Each Tomorrow is a new day not seen by the Knower, but amazing and wonderful to the learner. Since Yesterday is always gone, the Knower by His Yesterdays [SSSS] blinds or destroys himself to …TODAY.

====> Key to Asterisks
*Simon Science Says So. Gonna be an acronym soon [SSSS], and include the Facts of Science: Evolution & Progress by Random Determinism in Entropy. Survival of the Fittest. Feelings & Instincts the Law of Nature [reason & morals ‘so wrong’].
**Hell … an application of Winston Churchill’s sardonic advice to whoever ‘feels bad’: “when you’re going through Hell…keep going”.
***THAR. Acronym for Totally Honestly Actually Really. Four common whatever words that confess the sayer still has a vestigal conscience, but has so blinded himself with his own Bovine Scatology that he no longer recognizes he is rationally confessing exactly why he does not understand WIGO. Why? What fool confesses his foolishness?
****Recognize, know, or understand. These terms as Bloom’s Taxonomy defines them in the Cognitive Domain Levels of Learning.
*****WIGO. Acronym for What Is Going On. Pr. “WEEEgo” like a pig squeal.

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