SLL8 – I am humbly willing…to Reform YOU

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by Buck68™, January 26nd 2011
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Yea, it is high time… I rise to the level of… ‘civility’. I pivot, I be nice to those inferior to me sitting in the back, I give good speeches, I say some nice things nicely – and then I just move on, being me. So verily I am true… trust me. Honestly… I will set the example… by reforming YOU. See my popularity grows overnite!

Time for Actual, Real Reform! Congress, just don’t have a budget until things get better. Saves time for speeches and the intracacies of coordinating sitting with a friend. Do conduct secret transparent talks about what to do to the sovereign states in debt. Do unto others before they do you. It’s only unconstitutional but yes we can… change it. Or just do it.

Personally, I don’t see what all the talks are “about” – just appoint another Czar and … ‘just do it’. We The People have more czars now [27 or so?] than all of Russia’s Czars over 900 years. So, just say ‘interstate commerce’ and do democracy by czars just taking over companies & programs and redistributing trillions… like we’ve been doing. Do it…sinsearly.


To “reform education”, we double the DOE budget from $40B to 80, raise student costs over & over, cut student college time, and protect massive unfunded teacher union benefits and pensions.

To “reform welfare” and “help our children”, we jest put the multi-billion dollar School Nutrition Program in …the Department of Agriculture so it is ‘agricultural’, not welfare. Like how inflation isn’t inflation…unless Simon Says.

I have done so much to REFORM and CUT …just like I promised I would in the election. I have cut…uh…I am going to cut… uh …stuff really needs to be cut and I’ve stongly been for it all along, honest. I am so against the $3.4 Billion/day our national debt has grown – over 2750B since election day. I truly set the example by cutting…by adding Billions more debt per…day while saying ‘deficit reduction’ and ‘we must invest’. We must pass ZERO Federal Government reforms… because let’s do the States… because they’re in debt because they’ve spent too much and that… is ‘irresponsible’.

May I express my ‘deep concern’ that there is no moral to this story? No – we have something much more wonderful and exciting. We have Celebrating Diversity and evermore injustice, needy, and oppression. We’re… SEPARATED from unalienable rights & morals … by the “full faith and credit of the United States Government”. Our Hope and Change is just what The Nice People ‘give us’ by taking and owing over 135 Trillion… [ref:]
I’m …so excited. I’ts so fair that The Better People ‘single out’ those to blame and do them however they feel by empathy. Just do it civilly.

There’s only 1 totally honestly actually really solution to this Merry-Go-Round of Celebrating Diversity – do unto others before your caring Government does you… much more.

And this is so fair and exciting because our Celebrating Diversity Exceptionalism is built on The Rock… the Rock of “lying doesn’t rise to the level”.

You…always so need so much more Reform. I am so willing to reform you… and it’s always Election time… for the Elect.

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