Start TODAY: Giving in the Crises

Posted by Buck68 on December 14th, 2010 filed in Uncategorized

Part 1 of an indefinite series of thoughts on Where and How to START …in the midst of Crises.

Theme: if it’s some ‘crises’ we keep hearing about daily from special and stimulated people, then… first, STOP!

Inspiration. In my youth, my teachers and my parents agreed to tell me how to cross streets on my way to school. STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. Before you cross…each…street. Every…time.

STOP. Have you seen and heard these emotional appeals recently? Over and over? Flooding the airwaves, the internet, your mailbox, on signs, from all kinds of really sincere people? From left, right, international, local, …caring groups everywhere:
Get Involved!
Donate to Us! Help stop Them!
Send an email, sign this petition…
if you don’t care, don’t forward this chain letter !
If you don’t give, you are hurting yourself!
Hold Them accountable – give to us we’ll do it for America!
You must tithe…and offer…and alms…and….
Times are bad, donations are down…we need you to give more than ever!

Who has asked you lately to… find something worthy to give to? What is ‘worthy’?

So consider, TODAY: STOP. Stop Giving right Now…right in the middle of the Season of Celebrating Diversity. STOP all giving.

Use the remaining days of 2010 to…

Do you buy a gift without looking at it?
Do you buy a gift without trying to get a good price?
Do you give your credit card to somebody and tell them to buy gifts with it?
Do you pay more for a gift…than it is worth?
Do you spend all your money on 1 gift for 1 person…when there are several people you want to give a gift to?
Do you give a gift you like, that you want to…or do you consider what the receiver wants…needs?
Do you think about each person you are giving to…or shopping for gifts?
Do you never had enough to give what you should …or want to ?

Listen to what you feel.
Listen to what you are thinking…or not thinking.
Listen to what others say about giving…and receiving.
Listen to what you like and dislike.
Listen to what you feel is important in giving.
Listen to what you think is important about giving.
Listen to how you figure out things about giving.

Now come January…

Some will wonder why you didn’t give them a gift.
Many appeals will be on your desk from wherever…maybe even some deals for re-subscribing or restarting that $ allottment.
And the season for giving will be…over.
And you’ll be writing resolutions for 2011 …or not.
And you’ll be deferring credit payments…looking at how your income did not increase but the official No Inflation…inflated.

So, come January, when it’s not in season, and Nobody’s Looking, and you’ve had a couple weeks to really be weird by STOPPING and LISTENING …

Go looking in your community. LOOK for some person or cause. LISTEN first to your self and by your senses and thoughts, for those helping who are “worthy”. For… individuals … helping effectively …by means you have considered important, and have become willing and able to measure.

For by how you measure, it shall be measured to you.
And the Poor will always be here, but you and I will not.

And perhaps giving is a crisis in helping, unless you have held yourself accountable to make your gifts…worthy.

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