STOP CONFUSION NOW! The SoothSayer of Whatever Says:

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by Buck68™, October 28th 2010
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Perhaps the Sower of Confusion…is the Reaper of Power? Confounding Sayings with endings to make your poor, oppressed, and dog-stupid head …hurt … in pondering…

he who have 15 Number 1 Priorities
go number 1 on our priorities

He who say “I treat all people equally”
treat all people equally less than Him

He who say “how dare you question my faith”,
believe in hiding his character.

Savior who have “messy Democratic Republic”
get czars to clean you people out.

He who wants to “Restore the Constitution”
Take constitutional on you each day.

He who “been there from Day 1”
confesses no “done that” since Day 1.

He who say “we’re getting re-banded”
is making hotter branding irons for you

He who say “yes WE can”
makes WE THE PEOPLE canned goods.

He who puts you in your place
makes place On Top for himself.

He who make FACT-BASED report
Have Basic Instinct about Truth.

He who blames ‘them’
is magician saying “see, nothing up my sleeve”.

He who say, “I am my brother’s keeper”
King Cains himself over his brothers
…and indentures the rest in chains of debt.

He who say “I promise”
make bargain to take your liberty and your stuff
…with his czars and pals.

He who say “I’ll get it right this time””
has gotten it wrong from his beginning.

The War on Poverty
makes more poverty
when poverty is always here.

He who calls a group of people, “My people”,
possesses some people, and takes from the rest.

Any Great Society
is some Great One’s idea
of what liberties you should lose.

“Fundamental transformation” is
musical chairs tyranny

He who apologizes for his country
prepares himself to do more wrong
with “isolated harming” words.

He who helps non-citizens vote
buys enough czars to rule America.

He who forces big big Bills for you
puts bigger big bills…on you

He who have Great Slogan
is your next So Humble Shogun

He who has Charisma
Is wagging your tale.

Leader who blames others
reveal own character catastrophe

Leader who promises, but…
should be given the butt of another chance

Leader who constructs Level Playing Field
destructs all people to rich and poor, special and evil

He who blames others for ‘fear’
Best at stimulating our fears.

He who says conflicting things to different people,
should be the Stealth paint on our military vehicles.

2 THOUGHTs FOR ONE DAY from Day 1:

Amateur Lucifers should be free to compete in the marketplace…
and NEVER elected or appointed to a public trust.

If you are right in your own mind…
Then crown yourself and leave me to mine!

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