The Best Education Possible….

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by Buck68™, July 30th 2010
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Reference, the President’s speech on Education, 29 July 2010:

Now…all my wonderful friends I congratulate for your wonderful friendship with me …sit down and take a load off. It is another day and I have some more things to TELL you. I AM your Leader, so first I will remind you of how it was Before Me.

When I was a Senator campaigning for President, the country was falling apart, Evil to Blame was President, and I and my friends had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. It was all dumped on my desk the moment I took office…and evil wrong things are dumped on me daily, still. That’s why I, your leader, took your hope and change and must fundamentally transform all of you for social justice. I must save you from all the evil ones and their evil ways.

This is why Education is so important, it is another of my number 1 priorities. You must Learn How It Really Was and Is and Will Be, in order to be educated.

This is why government must control education. This is why I took all student loans away from all private banks [except 1] and put them under my government control…as part of Your Universal Health Care. Everybody who is my friend…deserves my giving a college education to with IOUs and more from the evil rich.

Education is feeling, saying, thinking, and doing EXACTLY as I tell you. You are in freefall without Me. Always, Immediately, Evil ones steal and trick and oppress you…so there is always a crisis where I must act immediately. That’s why I AM your cushion in your woods. That’s why your Education is NOT thinking; is NOT learning, but is ONLY, immediately, trusting Me to put each evil ‘them’ in their place. This is equality by My and My Czars’ Affirmative Action. Every time you contribute more for me, I make Our Union A Little More Perfect. When I have whatever is rightfully Mine, our Union will be Perfect.

You always immediately need My Education to remember that all people, all polls, all things against Me are wrong and evil and … hateful. To Know Me is to Love Me. So anyone who does not Love Me, is potentially…really …an evil hater.

Your Jobs are a good reason you always need My Education. There are jobs that would have been, jobs that could have been lost, jobs created, jobs avoided, good jobs, make work jobs, very expensive jobs to make, jobs not counted or invented the way they should be, and jobs where you could earn too much. This is why you cannot understand about your jobs without My Education.

You need My Education to know:
~My Pollsters are Right; others aren’t.
~I was elected to do what is right, which is whatever I tell is right, like “empathy“.
~that MyLaws are social justice, other laws count or don’t count whenever I say so.
~to sing and chant about Me.
~That there is a catastrophe and crisis behind everything, but the worst is behind us and you are being oppressed without Me.”

Now I AM Creating an economy that will lift up all…not some, but all…because after I put all the evil racist extremists where they belong, and take enough money from the rich…all the people who are left to be counted will be my friends by My Universal Health Care.
I will give every American more choices by taking your choices, more health care by taking more money, more by creating thousands upon thousands more rules and bureaucrats to tell you exactly what is affordable and fair. This is how I will save you from somebody else’s foolishness. This is how I will give you again and again whatever keeps vanishing in your city. I will make you all the same and put you all in the same place…except for the ones I use to put everyone in all the right places with all the right affordables I allow you.

This is your Education – to know and trust I AM your Rescuer. I AM the One Who Immediately Acts to Save You from Catastrophe. Catastrophe is what the few irresponsible people keep trying to do to you. Catastrophe always is more brutal for minorities – so keep being a minority so you keep being oppressed. Catastrophe happens whenever you do not feel, think, say, and do EXACTLY what I tell you. And I tell you we will always be in cruel disparities, or the next crisis, so I must act immediately…until I perfect Our Union.

So, you always need more of My Education by My Prominent Experts. My Prominences will protect you from all Predators by regulating everything so I can get all Predators because I, being the Right of My Election, know who the Predators are. And by the way, by regulating everything, I can fix all the structural inequalities across agencies [the thousands of agencies, being made many more agencies]. When I put all of you in the same place and regulate everything, you will not be held back anymore…because I, the One you Trust, will hold you completely in Our Union.

Now Education is My promoting the value of fairness and equality and mutual understanding that must bind us together as a nation. Bind us completely! We will all know I’m right, be educated, be …had completely.

Now, this is important: discussion cannot take place in wrong places and ways…we need conservations in our own lives. Conversations in your own lives are only Exactly where and how I tell you, that end all discrimmination so we’re all the same, or not appropriate.

Truth, maturity, honesty, responsibility, excellence – is Exactly what you need to hear by My Education…which is the very best education possible. All else is bogus! Because the more money we take, the more empathy we make, the more all these achievement gaps…keep happening! So all of this status quo of all this progress we’ve made is …morally indefensible.

This is why you must not believe ANYBODY except ME! I was elected to Transform Your Education to BELIEVE ME…TRUST ME…because only I know what is moral. I AM honest, mature, responsible, truthful, excellent…so you know you all need a lot of My Education! Do not believe anyone like this idiotic evil foolish twisted Buck68 … only BELIEVE MY WORDS! [bolded words are Barack’s own Words. Word.]

Epilogue: now once upon a time an uneducated vagrant said “Thy Word is Truth”. Since then, several wonderful, charismatic, exciting people have said the same thing and did the best they could to act on ‘their beliefs’ to ‘do what is right’ and complete their work. It would make sense to trust the One whose Word is Truth. It would seem rather dangerous to trust…anyone else… as whosoever you trust, you also give the power to trick you, betray you, enslave you, destroy you. So…it’s only common sense that if you get rid of, avoid, or deny the Trustworthy one…you’re sorta left ‘holding the bag’ on …trust… which makes the simplest things hard to figure out. Yet that One itinerant vagrant…has had more effect of all kinds of people than…all our Trustworthy Right Leaders since.

Therefore… all fairminded nice people MUST stomp out this vagrant and re-Educate themselves…

[AKA Celebrate Diversity of all ‘relgions’ and ‘beliefs’ except the Name our Founders named as Creator – upon Whom the Authority, Legitimacy, and Morality of America the nation, and each American’s liberty, solely and ultimately depends.]

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