The Circle of Life…on a stick

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by Buck68™, April 28th 2010
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Why listen to any person or group who “opposes Obama”? Does not any person who opposes, oppose? When you ‘oppose’ do you not build your feelings and collect ‘more evidence’ that… ‘proves your point’? Is this only human, natural, nurturing process – TOTALLY NOT a description of …how to build bias and prejudice?

So…what TO do about what we ALL do…naturally… when we are “just doing the best we can”?

Suggestion. Consider learning EXACTLY what our “national educational experts” found “unfair” on the collegiate Scholastic Aptitude Test and removed in 2005: the thinking skill of comparing and contrasting. Synonyms for this term include “how to think” and “critical thinking skills“. There exists a secular, scholarly means to define and learn ‘how to think’ called Bloom’s Taxonomy; specifically, The Cognitive Domain.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is to secular standard setting as morals are to a religion. You might recognize this format as the one that used to be on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Rationally, if a person removes / interprets / changes / omits / avoids / cherry picks the standards he sets, in order to ‘choose’ …what is he doing? I never do this… do you?

For those wishing to follow their feelings, Bloom provides “The Affective Domain”. Or, you can just say ‘whatever’ … or ‘just sayin’ …to be that way.

Is thinking essential to communicating? Choosing? Learning?

We all are “endowed by our Creator” with life, liberty, and [the means/gifts] to pursue [our] happiness. Then…as we ‘meet up’ with other humans… the games begin.

So, are you a pawn in other’s games? Or, would you rather choose for your self? Either you make your own choices…or others will be glad to CARE for you.

Hmmm. It seems evident Today that some ‘others’ want to TELL you what to feel, think, say, do…regardless of what you want or choose. Who’s YOUR “Guide”?

You old folks: remember when Disney told Jiminy Cricket to chirp, “and always let your conscience be your guide”?
You cool people: be cool…go with the flow…chill… relax. It will … happen for you.
You ‘poor’, ‘oppressed’ … DA MAN will get it for you. [Say 10 “I AM…Somebody” and always get organized]
You ‘religious’ … your god is always on your side. [You made him/it or Not There…how could it not be so?]

And so we all be sayin’ “we just can’t all get along…because THEY are ‘to blame’ “! Get rid of The Evil Ones…and we all will have it all! Oh…and them…and him…and those…and so froth.

And this exciting outrage and neverending crisis … proves … Evolution and Progress and irresponsible responsibility … are what all Cowards must ‘be passionate’ about and ‘fight for’. Or.. ‘be against’ and fix by retaliating and doing to them, what they did to us?

Oh…I’m sooo excited…?

The Circle of Life…on a stick …sold by every Smarter Person [and by me to me, behind my Façade].

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