The Compelling Social Justice of Policing the World

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by Buck68™, March 31st 2010
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Oh, harken once again to the Gored Tales of YesterYear! Thrill again to the courageous social justice protest campaign of decades past: “America is not the World’s Policeman”! Have you noticed…our military are ever more policing…nation building…harming…detaining…Mirandizing the peoples of the world? No you haven’t ‘noticed’…this POLICING…happening…. OBey! Social Justice Slogan hath been ‘retired’…’reinvented’…’progressed from’. Progressed to fighting Orwellian wars that is…is…because The Forerunner said it depends. So, YOU DESPERATELY NEED NEWSPEAK…and your humble cowardly servant hereby faithfully relays some NEWTRUTH….straight from The One!

It is not a war, it is “Overseas Contingency Operations”

It is not a war, it is “Targeting Extremists”

It is not a war, it is…whatever The One says it is…is…. Like “war”, for example.

It is a ‘war’ by the Progress of Interpretation, not according to our Constitution, which requires a Congressional declaration of war. You know, like the great FDR did it, so it had to be right [pack the Supreme Court!]. But like we don’t do it since, so that has to be right too; “right” being whatever.

Jest like “Our Justice” [ref: Jesse Jackson], which is a totally honest, actual, real [THAR] ‘mix’ of ‘just the right’ combos of the following reparation whatevers:


missile strikes,

special ops wherever, black ops whenever, [kill the pirates, but send 1 pirate to NYC for years of “our justice” with all the Right Trimings…so all the World can See Our Exceptional Justice!!]

inspiring speechifying “we will never quit” declarations [like the Nevers of Vietnam, Somalia, Desert Storm, Iraq], …and the Hand Reaching Out Apology Campaign [HROAC, pr ‘heroic’] for Evil Americans to the worldwide oppressed, troubled, and full of hate [feel the unclenched fists abound!]

billion dollar ‘re-imagings’ due to angry perceptions of state of the art detention facilities,

Obama Rules of Engagement for our soldiers, as captured Americans will now be executed by Osama if Obama harms Khalid Sheik Mohammed too much.

Formerly Totally Evil “off-budget” war funding now THAR good funding by printing money, IOUs, taking from any program and counting or using in any other program [like…Student Loans for HealthCare saving $ statistics counted like correct votes in Chicago thanks to Uncle Joe’s inspirational saying]

Mirandizing on the Battlefield [see The Media and Lawyers flocking to the battlefields of the world to make sure The Oppressed Have Their Rights read…and UNDERSTOOD…so they can ‘have the choice of “informed consent” of ‘isolated harming’ of our soldiers…or the Social Justice of “Our Justice”!

Totally Our Exceptional Social Justice [light of the world] trials of Harmers or Real Terrorists or Isolated Incidenters by this law or that, this venue or that, this status or that, these rights or those, this year or that future, if perhaps or when whatever happens to make “the evidence” appear…IF…untainted by the evil intentions and wrong actions of all those Extremist Racist former leaders and their minions who stole elections and lied. Our glorious Redistributed Our Justice… THAR Justice System Name… is WHIM [Whatever He Images or Mentions]. Fellow Cowards, His WHIM …is our conviction!

Also, let the political prisoners who just got caught up in a sweep on the battlefield or were “just drivers for”, or were at the wrong place at the wrong time…let…them go! Nobody’s perfect, and they honestly just say they just want to go home, be given a job, and celebrate their religion. Just like the people who tricked the Noble FDR did with 20% of the Germans we captured and the Americans we interned during WWII.

You might be able to see by now how things are so whatever WE NEED Social Justice NOW! Here it comes!

Social Justice! Totally Honest Actual Real [THAR] Solutions by the Hope and Change of ‘The Ends Justify the Means’ to everything “dumped on my desk”:

The solution to our past wrong laws, policies, actions, intentions, debts, evil capitalists, and radical extremist racist stupid bigots is: “they are to blame” [repeat at His command].

If it costs more, first promise no more; then, tax, tax, tax and call it fee, license…or ‘just do it’…because “we just can’t stand by, we must govern”. Or, KISS: omit whatever costs more, or give CBO a number that is less and make them say it.

If the money isn’t ‘there for us’, make another IOU and let his left hand give it to your right hand with a ‘promise’. [Celebrate cultural Diversity ref: Left Hand]. Or, type the number [like, $100 billion], e-transfer The Number to a Bank, and tell them to e-transfer $85 billion to a Bailout]…and ‘make it happen for US’. Or, if you ‘save’ 63 billion when the debt is over $100 Trillion, say “real savings”.

If Our Justifiers [O.J.] do it, it is right, especially because when evil people did it, it was wrong. Nullify The Wrong Ones!

Be THAR Accountable by the Principled Stand of: If you do enough wrongs, you become right because most or everybody or the right people are doing it.

Love the idiots, such as those who ask ‘where’s the money for that’, by chanting YES WE CAN, [and anonymously confess to the mainstream media he’s a possible serial spitter and violent inciter…so you can provide only the facts that Must Be Reported].

WHEW! So much to do…no wonder WHIM is our Hope! Let Him do it…it being whatever, by Just Saying!

It’s a good thing we’re all cowards, or we’d have some tiny bit of responsibility for our endemic hypocrisy. I shall always, as a loyal coward, ‘step up’ when I’m told to…to blame others…while I clamore for my latest new rights and entitlements… to be paid in papers of the names and faces of leaders past and trust converted to hope… and some change. I’m so excited to at last be getting mine….

CELEBRATE! Our Social Justice is His WHIM…is our hope and change!

Fill US cowards to the brim…with WHIM!

====COWARDLY DISCLAIMER: If you read this article wrongly, you cannot be correctly stimulated without the proper universal mental health care, and are disqualified for a government student loan until you mantra correct higher educational potential sayings in your more fairer SAT essay.

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