The Fair Prayer of Diversity to Prevent Isolated Harming

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by Buck68™, May 31st, 2012
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[Claimer Statement.] I fairly on the level equally saved this out of touch ignorant prayer and evolved it to create the Fairest Empathy Share Ever. So sincerely… Totally Honestly Actually Really [THAR] …here it is…is:

Our FatherI vision

Who art in heavenI AM wherever whatever I feel

Hallowed be Thy Namemad, sad, & glad BE My stimulations.

Thy Kingdom comeMy fantasies dream visions

Thy Will be doneof My feelings being done…by all

On Earth as it is in Heaven. On the planet as it is in My Space.

Give us this daygimme more it’s My dei

Our daily breadfor you are bred daily

and forgive us our trespassesand I will trespass for you

as we forgive those who trespass against usto take whatever I want and get whatever you need really.

and lead us not into temptationDon’t be tempted to harm Me…

but deliver us from evilor I will deliver you catastrophically to inappropriate

for Thine is the Kingdomfor Mine is My Kingdom

and the powerand My Charisma is My Power

and the gloryand MY glory

foreverfrom the First President I helped to whoever

Amen. … [ever breaking awareness news] it’s Me Evolving!

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