The Marriage Beast of the Universe

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by Buck68™, July 30th, 2011
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Once upon a Time will Tell, there was the nicest, fairest, most appropriate person evah.

It was Special Ed from Behind to not know anything about his [oops, its] sexuality so he [oops – it] could ‘choose’ what IT naturally was.

After countless Awareness Raisings, it lerned how to conjugate the verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to do’ into do be doo bee doo – so it could always be there for itself while having whatever by feeling that way.

Thus Educated, it gnu by Vision what is…is, and so gnu it all.

And so seeing by feeling [Empathy] he dazed upon The Universe …whilst no-ing all about how one single lifeform was evilly harming and polluting The Enviornment and it was …bad. Totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR] Bad – not the bad of “I’m Bad” which was so good it was King. NOW Listen UP… to me!

NOW… a revelation came to IT. There’s the whole Universe out there. Here’s our 1 single solitary little tiny speck Planet … unsustainably suffering from way too many of that 1 lifeform ….

This MUST BE STOPPED! It must be minimized. It is so Inappropriate.

Eureka! It is I who have Thee Answer.

Since everything minus the 1 planet is ‘out there’… and I be here having Awareness [but everybody else needs to Raise Their Awareness] … I no EXACTLY what to do be doo bee doo!

Yep – cancel the Manned Space Program. Stay here and get stewed, drowning in unsustainables.

Yep, IT’s the Beast Marriage Evah. It… to is…is …by whatever. Totally FAIR: everything … will be treated like a… thing. And every marriage will be Protected by all those Laws… of Nature.

NOW, izzn’t that just SPECIAL?

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