The Merry Go Round of Our Justice

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by Buck68™, June 26th, 2012
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Oh… how we all love “the rule of law”. You make a law…well, you pass a bill you call a law. Then another produces the organization and rules to iimplement that law. Then everybody passionately and empathetically interprets what it “really means”. Meanhwhile, the law enforcers exempt, waiver, not follow… whatever laws or parts of laws they choose to.

Any child knows how this legal system works. Mommy makes a rule about a chore, and each kid tries all the usual natural ways to get the other kids to do it.

So, the kids already know ‘what happened’ with the SCOTUS ruling on Arizona’s SB1070 yesterday. The adults on a side, declared that the ruling proves they are right and the opponent is wrong. All the enforcers again decided whether to enforce or not, and who they would play with, or not. Some took back a toy, some played with others as toys, and everyone keeps stimulating others to get all excited. And so surely the two-headed fighting continues, where the best possible zero-sum Final Solution is… zero.

So what totally honestly actually really [ THAR ] continues is the wailing and whining of the passions and empathies of:

1- I AM sin-sear; you are deceitful.

2-I AM right; you are not only wrong, but evil and meanspirited.

3-I AM fair; you are prejudiced, racist, profiling…

4-The cause, the fight back, the passion keeps on skyrocketing … until everything and every person who is not of MY people, by MY people, and for MY people… perishes from the earth….


It is only Science, exactly as Science Says: Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection, by the Natural Laws of Random Determinism …in Entropy.

OUR justice…is coming… for Sustainability.

LYING… rises to the level… of… The Fall.

How can one liar lie against another liar busy lying, when we’re all just doing the best we can for ME? A liar is only an amateur, natural deceiver, revealing his weaknesses to… predators. We only lie… against The Truth.

2 Responses to “The Merry Go Round of Our Justice”

  1. alive@73 Says:

    I am 73. Read your last comment in response to mine…again and again, and even once more…I am still impressed, and befuddled somewhat. Understood many things you said…not all. I’ll be back here with a response; though I don’t know if that’s appropriate. If you prefer, send me your email address.

  2. Buck68 Says:

    comments welcome here. My email is at the top of each article if you prefer that.

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