The Republicans …can they find their plate with their fork?

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by Buck68™, April 9th, 2012
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Star Parker’s “challenge” hit the Townhall Republican crowd this morning – a microcosm of the conditioned response to Diversity stimuli.

First, Star completely accepts not only the statistics she cites, but all the premises, question constructions, responses, and how those responses are profiled. Why? A cursory review of the 2010 Census form reveals such Diversity in …Diversity, which merely enables a responder to be more of whatever he or she feels like. Whatever – anything from pick a race or ethnicity, to become a rainbow of profiled multicultures. Now, who remembers our Presidential example of exactly that? What does this mean, rationally? It means that if any data inputer can be whatever they feel in whatever combination… on what basis can a profiler categorize any response? That is, besides… empathy …the supreme legal qualification that used to be called the socially just ‘I feel your pain’?

Second, what is the problem [challenge] relationship & value [qualitative], not quantitative [more or less or numbers]? Are statistics a problem… or a symptom? Perhaps the challenge is to find the problem?

Three. How does ‘reaching out’ to those whom you profile as agreeing with you, help? Townhall is a conservative publishing/blogging group. What if this elite group of …of …Townhallers, largely behaves like those with whom they find fault? Hypothetically, if a good woman behaves badly, is she not like the bad man who behaves badly? If you do not address such questions, how do you know what ‘your people’ ‘think’ … let alone what ‘they’ think?

Four. What is a solution? What are the factors, the dynamics, in a solution? All… omitted.

Five. What is “more expending” as a solution to a problem? Like “investing”? More rights? More benefits? More…more? After 45 years of evermore, where are we?

Meanwhile, the national debt climbs $4 billion per day. Other ‘unfunded liabilities’ [a pyramid of frauds] number well over $100 TRILLION. And lying about them always rises to the level of more …investing. The more care, the more lying; the more promises, the more lying.

Lying. Listen to elites of all stripes on media using the term “moral” for … whatever they sincerely feel. What does moral… mean?

Now there’s a fork, challenging your face reflecting from that empty plate of charsima and fraud and… please donate to beat ‘them’.

We the People have come such a long way you now are in or out by saying your skin color, be cause the content of your character, is whatever color you feel.

Would I donate to such a feeling? No. Would I belong to such a group? No. Would I listen to what spokespeople for such a group say? I try to listen daily – in media and personally, for any indication of any individual with backbone… in this Nation of Cowards. When i look in my mirror, I do not like what I see either. The person i must beat first, is not some candidate; it is always, me. But, I am far too busy feeling good about my self. So, I put more helpings of fraud on my plate, and just move on without reflection. And that’s the Moral of My Story. Care to donate?

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