the Sandies of enabling epic fail psych of feeling sad or mad

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by Buck68™, December 11th, 2012
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From one “tragedy” to the next – from Sandy to Sandy Hook – the elites of this Exceptional Nation convert WIGO into their storyline that you must say, feel, think, do…mimic.

The Sandy storyline was how government was so effective so fast…as compared to some other tragedy where a Not-so-Dear Leader was to blame for poor government response motivated by prejudice.

The Sandy Hook storyline candidates are, so far, gun violence and mental health that insurance companies won’t pay for… as the hero and grief stories play on for your vicarious entertainment… er, you must watch. You must watch others feel their pain, so we can tell you what pain is…is, so you must feel elites ‘being there for you’.

Is this What is going on – WIGO – in the world? Are you actually listening to these actual words flowing from our imagers [leaders, elites, experts]? Well…how well do you listen rationally, to words with defined meaning… when you are emotionally bombarded?

Is “I can’t imagine” a popular response? Is this a comprehension behavior… let alone a coping behavior? Thus, rationally, what is the river of feelings and images and background music emanating from elites as their being seen sad graces the airwaves and print?

Example: what media pundits and ‘breaking news’ folks call “questions”. A ‘question’ is a 30-60 second pundit soundbite of how you are to feel say think do… once in a while with a question somewhere in there.

And rationally, what is it when one government leader “sends his condolences” to another government leader? Did that other government leader, ‘have’ the ‘tragedy’?

And what is it when a media pundit slips in when political parties “matter” and when they “don’t matter”?

Are these just ‘isolated harmings’ …understandable by mad or sad?

And what are the several “I don’t know, but” followed by expert speculations?

What is one sad media pundit aside, [in these times you] “go to church… where else can you go”? Or “it’s not just faith in God, it’s community” and proceeds to tell you the correct relationships between religion, community, state, and nation?

Our President announced “we have to come together NOW and do something meaningful”. Hmm – when words mean whatever, and morals have morphed into “appropriate” and “inappropriate”, and “tolerance” is blaming people who are wrong … preytell, what does “meaning”… mean? Yet pundits were quick to tell us what our President was “signaling”.

How is our federal government working here? “The President is getting hourly updates from …HOMELAND SECURITY”?

NOW Foxnews is running a “Coping with Tragedy” pogrom. Featured is a Columbine survivor whose sister was killed. Did you “notice” the keywords he said? “Values, spirituality, my/his generation, sadness, angry, a lot of darkness now”…? The pundit … thanked him for his “inspirational story”?

FINALLY, a short question to an individual who went through it: “How did you turn it around, personally”? The young Columbine veteran described his depression, hated for the shooters, going through it. He came to forgiveness – not for something bad, but in order to choose what kind of person he wanted to be. Who helped him? His family and his faith. He said his sister wrote a code of ethics before she was killed. She believed in going out of her way to show kindness and compassion to …who? Who was not mentioned. The pundit closed the interview with the phrase “lights in the darkness”.

Now cops and shrinks will explain why they can’t do anything because of laws that protect us… until something is done. So obviously so feelingly… we so need more laws to prevent the lawless from doing whatever they feel?

And elites will tell you their neverendingly transparent emotional versions of how they are ‘being there for you’ … and ‘will do whatever it takes’. A vital part of their story is converting the fact of failures resulting in murders, into ‘the process’ YOU MUST GO THROUGH which is me telling you exactly what to feel think say do. Is this COPING, at all? In shrinkology, it is eanbling… emotional dependency. After all… the show must go on… write a name on your tennis shoe and play ball.

Will lawyers and “expert witnesses” keep this entire charade Progressing FORWARD in our “justice system”? How long will an “adversarial system” be… adversarial? How long will lawyers be ‘on the clock’? Do you remember the latest, greatest cure for “our justice” and “get justice”? “Empathy”. As Spencer Tracy famously said, “once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made”.

At last, could we ask ‘what comes first’? Upon what comes FIRST, all else depends. When Imagery comes first… all is deception of and by perceptions. Deception does not “cope”; its purpose is manipulation for the motives and ends of the practitioners. It’s only natural stimulus~response.

Now the “religious expert” of his faith, comes on the show entitled “Faith After Tragedy”. He opines, “after the shock wears off, friendship needs to be there.” And, how does this ‘happen’? “When the soul goes dark, when you have no purpose for living…”. And he recommends “prayer”.

Meanwhile, blizzards of flowers and candles and vigils and experts and leaders …imagery of feelings with hidden meanings.

All with the same meaning. The enabling epic fails of the traditions of men. The backwards [Science names it Entropy] of FORWARD Progress in the hearts/souls/minds of men. Mistaking things and toys for… Progress and Success. Supplanting God with one or more Deceivers…with the exciting cover story ‘he so charismatic’.

Is the first question about what nice nut lost his “purpose for living”? Is the first question about ME… “preventing” and “making a difference” when rationally i can never know IF i made ANY difference be cause i cannot know ‘what might have been if’?

But can not all we sense and experience, be converted to pursuing the question “what comes FIRST”?

Is what comes first, God-given purpose – or my purpose for me? Or does whatever comes first? [AM I The Great Whatever-er?]

So many say today, from faith to faith to spirituality to whatever i feel: ‘say a prayer’.

Those 12 fools once asked “Lord, teach us how to pray”.

Did that… ‘make a difference’? Or, does whatever i feel, or whatever i’m told to feel, say, think, do… determine which sands i build my house on?

Now, ex Sen & VP candidate Lieberman says on TV about this crisis: “this reminds me of 911… we have to investigate…prevent from happening again”.

Does a “happening”, have a cause? Fact-base Science defines happening as “random”. Or, if it was “bound to happen”, as “determined”.

A pundit opines after Lieberman: “we can’t continue to let this keep happening again and again.” Really?

What incredible… enabling… epic fails… of sin sear human feelings.

Old Testament, Genesis 1:3. “And God said, ‘be light’.”
New Testament, John 1:5. “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

What is “darkness”? Man becoming aware of something already there, and claiming he “discovered” it? Man… uncovering what was already there and congratulating himself? Man constantly re-forming and calling it FORWARD, or Progress…or whatever he feels right about at the moment? Re-forming…whatever is already formed? All forms of “if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness”?

Meanwhile, while man mean wiles his time and life away, God timelessly means exactly what He says?
Revelations 21:5. “Behold…I AM making all things new.”

So Who Saves the Children? Who saves? Who is willing and able? Who’s NOT willing OR able to save…whatever?

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