The Sign of “Everyone Deserves The Right to Marry”

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by Buck68™, August 5th 2010
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This morning I saw that demonstrator’s sign on TV in a soundbite about the California judge’s temporary stay ruling on Proposition 8.

It looked so benign. It seems so fair. It includes everyone, leaving no one behind.

So… where’s the problem? Once more the simple, honest question of the oppressed, the downtrodden, the kept down, the discrimminated against, the profiled – “where’s MY freedom to do whatever I want”?

I certainly am NO authority for any answers. So…who is? Take a look at everything from human history to what’s going on in your neighborhood. Regardless of who has what, and who gets what from another… has 10,000 years of Evolution and the Progress of Man…or yesterday …brought peace? Equitable treatment? Social justice? Empathy?

On the other hand… in any culture, in any time, at any level – are there not ‘many’ leaders of many colors promising that they are the one who will deliver you and me to … The Promised Land?

So… where’s the problem? TODAY I was Shown a Sign. What if I thought about what it might mean? Some simple Sign thoughts to consider.

Everyone. That word means all of us. I mean, it means all people, as in human beings as a group. It also means “every” “one” – each individual expressed as one total.

Deserves. [] to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation.

OK. What does “everyone” … “deserve”?

Everyone Deserves The Right. So, this means that EVERYONE has merited [earned], qualifes for, or has a claim to The Right because of actions, qualities or the situation.

Wait a minute?!

Everyone? Everyone has done the exact same to earn [merit]? Everyone qualifies [like group or job qualification] the same? Everyone has taken the same actions? Everyone is in the identical situation?

If everyone is the same by situation, earns the same by meritorious actions, is qualified the same…then where is our Diversity? Where are all our multicultures?

Where in Diversity, Multiculturalims, Sciences, Evolution, and Progress … do these ‘belief systems’ say Everyone…has earned, qualified…the same? These belief systems are full of facts that divide up to tell who is better and who is worse. Each of these ‘beliefs’ … divide ‘everyone’ by …all the things that divide people. You know: race, religion, national origin, age, sex, ethnicity, beliefs, facts, empathy…whatever. Didn’t we just go through the Census …with all those questions and boxes to check about which profile places you and i ‘belong’? And weren’t we told that Everyone needed to check all the right boxes so the government could decide by the many divisions of Everyone, who was supposed to get different programs, different benefits, different treatment? That doesn’t look at all like… “Everyone Deserves”. What does it look like?

By science, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Evolution, and Progress … all full of facts … it looks like Everyone …deserves … all the ways we are told by better people that we are divided up. Some are special, some are not. Some are oppressed, some oppress. Some are rich…some are poor. Some get empathy, some get held accountable. Some are bailed out, some pay for bailouts.

BUT…wait a minute.

What if I reword this Sign, “Everyone Deserves the Right….” to what our Declaration of Independence and Constitution say?

[We] “…are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights”.

So…according to the Founders, we have “certain rights”. BUT, these rights are “endowed”… not “deserved”. Everyone has these same certain rights…but NO ONE has ‘earned’ or ‘deserves’ them. Says Who? Who is right enough, powerful enough, honest enough, smart enough…to GIVE the same rights to every one of us? The Founders called this Person by one of His many names: Creator. Whether I ‘believe it or not’, i can see the writing in our Constitution.

Of all the names, do you ever wonder why the Founders picked “Creator”? I wonder if they…meant something…like exactly…by using that word.

But anyway… if any MAN TELLS me what rights I deserve … then he also TELLS me what rights I do NOT deserve. This Man who TELLS is DE SERVER – He serves me whatever He feels I deserve. I don’t know about you, but seems to me there are MANY people who feel like the De Server … because any time, any where, i keep hearing these DE SERVERs TELLING people EXACTLY what they should feel, think, say, and do.

But…none of all that TELLING is giving, or endowing. And ALL of man’s TELLING … does not seem to have brought hope, peace, brotherhood, prosperity…or even getting even. You know, all those promises.

Now, again: the Sign said “Everyone DESERVES the Right to Marry“.

But what I see, is TELLERS telling others to MARRY …EXACTLY HOW I TELL YOU.

And, if you don’t MARRY EXACTLY as I tell you…however I feel like reinventing whatever the word MARRY means…then YOU are TAKING AWAY what EVERYONE DESERVES!

And all the Right Tellers of Multiculturalism, Diversity, Progress, and Evolution agree – YOU, being DESERVING, must feel, say, think, and do EXACTLY what DE SERVERS tell you.

It’s… De -Sign of the Times….

…as compared to …’Intelligent Design’… which, of course, EVERYONE knows is wrong and silly.

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