The Single Dominator in Education?

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by Buck68™, February 21st 2011
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Please read Susan’s article first. Quotes are from Susan’s article unless otherwise attributed.

Perhaps a “single issue” “dominates”, and has always been “a deal breaker”.

Whenever the creature supplants The Creator, is this not more evidence that The Creator’s endowment of inalienable rights is… inalienable…AND individual? A creature solving the ’cause-effect’ problem by declaring The Creator Causer ‘not there’, claims the Ultimate Authority he denies. No wonder deceptions are… ‘ legion ‘. Two popular deceptions: ‘my religion is the true religion’, and Science. The basic logical premises of Science: ‘special’ creatures declare Progress by Evolution by Random Determinism in Entropy; that ‘Nature’ is “natural”; and, that The Natural Law is “Survival of the Fittest”.

Naturally, in any human relationship, creatures are trying to fight [for more] or flight [escape losing stuff]. Naturally, my ends justify my means.

Thus, deception and imposition are the continual natural processes in Survival of the Fittest [me]. Special humans naturally organize to divide others, in order to collectively impose on individuals [YOU], EXACTLY what is appropriate to feel, say, think, and do.

In either ‘my religion’ or Science, ‘I AM right’ supplants morals [righteousness]; and my passions, supplant selfless love.

So Susan, can a lesser creature solve the problem of “education” by asking for a “solemn commitment” from a supplanter ‘right in his own mind’?

Einstein supposedly said it, but who does not know it? “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

Individually, i recall the old question, “who am I”? I know i am NOT God. If there is love and righteousness, it is not of, by, or from an imperfect supplanter imposer, who’s First Cause is claiming what he denies.

So, the founding Americans wrote and ratified that The Creator’s authority justifies America the nation, endows American citizens’ individual inalienable rights, and provides the unchanging morals for American Constitution. It’s only simple math that proves that every ‘interpretation’ of imperfect men since, digresses toward …Diversity.

Did America ‘ happen ‘? Or ‘somehow’, enough human individuals congressed to recognize The Creator and human nature? This Named Creator not only permits, but endows all individuals with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…among many blessings and gifts. This Named Creator permits ‘freedom of [man’s] religion’ …all of his ‘beliefs’.

It is self-anointed Special People…by any and every means, who keep trying to take from others, what God endowed to each.

Special people, by organizing collectives, keep taking your life, liberty, and your pursuit of happiness… while charismatically stimulating you to …the same ol’ destructive divisions of rage, blame, and fighting back.

There is no e pluribus unum, without The Unum of The Creator, the trust of In God We Trust.

That is, unless you are The One you deny. Trust…me? Who am I, again… still?

Unless each individual keeps seeking about the First Question, what use are more questions? Unless a person first follows the first law, what use are… more laws? How can one imperfect – however special – fix other imperfects? Where is the United We Stand, in Diversity? If ‘higher education’ is at University, and University Celebrates Diversity, education becomes deception by imposition.

Put a very simple, universal way: “if the light that is in you is darkness, how great the darkness”?

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