The Three Rulers of Diversity

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by Buck68™, January 17th 2011
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Once upon a time there were 3 rulers. One was English. Another was Metric. The third is what is…is.

The 1st Ruler had OLD [a disease like ADD]. It was declared English by OLD people who oppressed after a certain OLDer people [not all the others] had oppressed before. More interpretations made it too OLD and ambiguous. Today it is only officially used in the U.S., Burma, and maybe Liberia. But you still can buy 12″ rulers and English tape measures everywhere…with Metric marks on the Far side.

The 2nd Ruler is the Metric system, which is based on the decimal, base 10 counting system. It’s much more popular and became so official a world “standard” called ISU evolved by the 1960’s. But ISU was so rational and so standard, anybody could measure who had more or less, so conflicts necessarily skyrocketed, so to give peace a chance the need to Evolve was never felt more.

But as Science says, we always Progress in Evolution by random determinism in entropy. So, something was bound to happen anyway, so to speak.

The Happening? Celebrate Diversity! The 3rd way? The 3rd Ruler!

This 3rd Ruler [aka Empathy & Tolerance, ET for short] is the bestest ever measurement system, totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR].

Here are just a few of it’s incredible, unbelievable, almost indescribable & unspeakable features:

1-ET is the perfect Ruler by perfecting imperfection, and avoiding while having inherent contradictions. It doesn’t remember, does nothing wrong, everybody ‘does’ it, and just moves on. That is, whenever you Hold the ET Ruler and rule another with it. ET is the power to really fantasize, totally whatever!

2-The 3rd Ruler is Empathetic to feeling right and being Wise. This Ruler has no markings, It just Is…is. It be there for you, whether it or you is there or not. ET is by feeling=thinking=saying=being=doing. Its use is simple and clear: you feel it, it feels you…and ‘right’… pops out. You can measure whatever, by whatever you feel like, and it always totally comes out right. It’s like right math = whatever or no math. With ET, you start with your right conclusion, and ET points to whatever proves your point. With ET, you never have to correct a mistake or erase a math error…just wish, or have change. ET is ‘out of this world’!

3-The ET Ruler is Knowledge. Exactly the opposite of the English or Metric Rulers, it has no rational scientific or human reference or basis. It is perfectly flexible to whatever whatever. There are no conflicting measurements ever because whatever works by rite feelings. The trick of no-measuring measuring is…Empathy about Noledge. Say you have it, make others believe it, and you be The Fittest…survivor. This time. Anybody can play and empathize, as long as they can. So ET is thee most popular Ruler ever and never needs Education, Learning, or Understanding.

4-The 3rd Ruler is the Grand Unifying Theory [GUT]. Science has been looking for this from…whenever. GUT explains how it all started, was, is, and will be. With ET, your GUT is whatever you feel. Like ‘fact-based’ is whatever you include, exclude, or feel about either. With ET GUT Feel, you never leave anything behind, and always never remember it…evolving as you go. This is how ET Ruler rules it happening again and gets you ‘closure’ right after the So It Will Never Happen Again Seance, just in time for it to always happen again so the Circle of Life doesn’t bite its tale.

5-The 3rd Ruler builds Self-Esteem. You can’t be oppressed or poor while ET does Celebrating Diversity and you feel as oppressed and poor as you want. Elites put you on the Level Playing Field by ET Rule and Resdistributes Whatever You Need…so you are never Level and Always Needy while you aren’t so you ‘have Self-Esteem’ and need it. Isn’t that…exciting? See how ET’s no marks so incredibly care about your feelings?

6-ET makes Social Justice Be…Happen..and still be Oppressed, and so Always Need More. “Justice” required a finite measurement system based on reason, empiricism, and that thing we must not mention but are saved by SEPARATION from. With everything chaotic Celebrate Diversity is always happening and Elites ET Rules whatever by Survival of the Fittest, which is Nature having Natural Selection. So Whatever Happens, ET Rule always demands ‘gimme respect’.

7-This 3rd Ruler always, automatically points to Who/What is To Blame. In the Trillions of Trickings daily, who wouldn’t feel ‘not quite as good as I wanna’ at times? So, whenever that ‘happens’, look at your ET Ruler. ET Ruler will instantly send you an Honest, True Blame Message, with some passion and the Actual, Real Promise of ‘as much passion as you need’ to Blame until!

I wonder what’s bound to happen…next. My ET feels “Ow…owwwww.”

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