Undermining Basic Notions of Fairness…in order not to be Misguided

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by Buck68™, April 28th 2010
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Nary a week hath passed before Untermenschen Underminings are Evolving & Progressing Everywhere! The irresponsible responsible Federal Government marches secretly transparently onward, slinging its ample supply of fecal matter onto whomever it feels all Cowards must be outraged at. Such Misguidings can only Be Guided by…Dear Leader! It takes speech after speech, crisis after crisis, 1500 pages after 2100 pages of Bills to … save us from … from the neverending crises of “the worst is over” but… the next more worst crisis is here!

1-The AG and DoD undermining of the Supoena of the Senate Homeland Security Committee charged with and security cleared for Congressional oversight of…Homeland Security. Remember, Cowards, EXACTLY what was unconstitutional impeachable stonewalling during the Lyin’ Dyin’ Cowboy’s day … must now EXACTLY be done to avoid potential ‘harming’ of the ‘isolated harmer’s’ civilian legal case ‘into the 21st Century’. Remember correctly: 13 US soldiers ‘encountered violence’ in the ‘tragedy’ and we ‘got closure’ by an Appearance of The President…and the Alleged Victim of Profiling got a month of intensive health care and now Cowards are paying for yet another ‘full and complete investigation’ that is…is…totally transparently secret …so “it will never… happen… again”. After all, the “extremist Islamic threat”… has Vanished from our National Intelligence Estimate!

2-The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hath gloriously defecated on Nationwide TV on the Evil Greedy Ones Responsible for The Economic Crisis! The very one the US Treasury gave $15B to so GS could give AIG $85B to…by just sayin’ on paper the numbers [it saved by not printing!]. Now the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations…being permanent and investigative as it is…is…was… had “nothing to do with” the National Harming of the Financial System caused solely by The Greedy Evil Ones [and their co-conspirators To Be Named by Guiding].

3-Now The Evil One of the Week [Goldman Sachs] Needs to take some s*** [cue the ‘Laugh Along With Joe’ nitesoil show soundbites]…because the Financial Reform Bill MUST BE PASSED or What is all Greek to Cowards will …happen and it will be aweful! It is a total lie that the Greedy…greedy as They Are…and Evil…Evil as They Are…would EVER take their financial business overseas if our Glorious, Social Justice Congress controls and taxes them. Like…this has NEVER HAPPENED since The Great Society started in 1965 with American manufacturing [since 1970’s]… American technology [since 1980’s] … American outsourcing [since 1990’s] ….

4-Guiding is On The Way for Evil, Racist, Profiling Arizona! “Thousands” of demonstrators “against The Profiling Racist State” are on the way from their organizings everywhere! The City of San Francisco has reportedly “ordered their employees not to go to Arizona”…?! It is just a total coincidence that, this week, tens of thousands of Census Federal employees will fan out all over the country to knock on your door and ask you…whatever PROFILING questions necessary…totally legally and fairly “in the course of legal contact”…on penalty of fines.

There is only one Final Solution for This Totally Transparent Misguiding by Guiding of Cowards everywhere by Responsible Irresponsible Federal Government!

Thee correct Final Solution?

1-Instantly be frightened and outraged whenever you hear the words “frightened”, “outraged”, “terrified”, “horrible” et al [salivating optional].

2-Instantly retaliate against Evil by shouting at your TV, another driver, fellow un/underemployed, whoever is ‘in range’. Or, shout 10 reps of the following: “profiling, racist, extremist, violent”. Or, get on the internet and relay as much fright, outrage, hate, blaming, and name calling as possible.

3-Just Move On to your Next Programmed Excitement.

4-Don’t Be Misguided! Follow the Guiding Light’s Golden Rule: do EXACTLY as you are Told, EXACTLY when you are Told…so you will NEVER …BE …WRONG.

Do these things for The Guiding Light…and you will be receiving… Universal Health Care for Self-Esteem…by doing Evil to the Evil Ones who have done Evil to you. This Produces Evolution and Progress and Saves the Planet.

Only in Thee Guiding Light’s Way…can Cowards be CAREed for and become … Appropriately Totally Profiled by the Irresponsible Federal Government!

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