Undermining Basic Notions of Fairness

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by Buck68™, April 24th 2010
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Our President uttered those words the other day in commenting on the new Arizona law requiring law officers to enforce…the law.

Oh, those silkly smooth words. I watched the video clip of our President over and over [but never enough]. In the background, a woman held a sign: We Are Human. My feelings passioned, my fairness surged, my notions burned – someone, somewhere, had the actual audacity to…”undermine…basic notions of fairness“. How could they…DO such a thing? How could ANYONE …stoop so low? This is far, far, below our national Cowardice proclaimed by our Attorney General last year. This… descends to the level! It’s So Totally Deeper [STD] than the deepest Mine. This is so THAR beyond fright and outrage, I’m actually… calm. Surely, just one isolated harming of Basic Notions of Fairness is Thee Hate Crime with Special Circumstances Capital Offense.

So, to where else but the Capitol can us millions of minions march and cry out to be saved from such utter Notional Unfairness?

Shall we go into the Jefferson Memorial to be saved?
Shall we go into the Lincoln Memorial to be saved?
Shaw we gather ’round the Washington Monument to be saved?
Shall we go to The Congress to be saved?

No, fellow Cowards! No, no, no! BASIC NOTIONS OF FAIRNESS can only come from One Source…The One Who Knows Notions, and Is Fair. The One possessing The Audacity of Hope to take the entire Federal Government’s “irresponsibiltiy” [and the stuff dumped on his desk] and… “do whatever is necessary” …in this crisis where “the worst is over” – but if everyone doesn’t immediately do EXACTLY as He Tells, we’ll…fall off the edge of the earth.

Fellow Cowards, I am just quivering with supplications for neverending thousands of more pages of stuff to be Told after Congress passes it. This Undermining of Basic Notions of Fairness, proves without a doubt to an amoral certainty… that whatever words are in the Bills we must have by Tonight, matter not one twit … only the WHIMs* of Dear Leader… can save us from “irresponsible Federal Government”.

Just imagine what could Happen if…if… [I’m so frightened I can hardly feel it] …someone [ANYONE] other than Dear Leader… should EVER get his hands on The Presidency During This Undermining of Basic Notions…that Only He Can See… and Say… and Fundamentally Fix???
But anyway…a few Basic Notions of Fairness Refrains to Remember as We Progress to our Night to Remember:

1-[If you aren’t snipped first or your cranial contents aren’t sucked dry as you emerge] …You are Human…a Cowardly Human, a polluting Carbon Unit… to be Fundamentally Transformed.
2-The Federal Government is “irresponsible”, and so Only More Government is the Solution IF. IF Dear Leader – Knower, Defender, Protector of Basic Notions of Fairness – is & does whatever He feels.
3-Anyone who “takes action” other than Dear Leader … is “misguided”. [No wonder actual people have problems … let alone Cowards!]
4-The irresponsible Federal Government lies, cheats, steals, defrauds, bumbles, manipulates, takes bribes, colludes, replicates itself, pays & benes & perks itself, alternates between porno & boondoggles, takes CARE of its own Ethics…and MUST BE the sole agent of Hope and Change.

Remember His Very Words! Verily, He says unto us, April 23, 2010, on Reality TV: “failure to act responsibly …at the federal level …will only open the door to irresponsibility”.

He hath declared the Federal Government “irresponsible”.

So, Cowards, there is but 1 and “only” 1 door, and we be already going through it …into the fires of a THAR crisis.

And only the irresponsible Federal Government can responsibly take action.

So Who can save US? Who can make the irresponsible…responsible? Now THAT… is Fundamental Transformation! Like when anti-matter, hits matter.

That is …some Power! [oh harken to daze gone by] “Power to the People”!

This is just way too much for me. It’s overwhelming. I feel …not glad, not mad… just sad. I just wanna get away to some anonymous tiny corner and eat fresh greens from my garden. I just wanna drink good water. I just wanna be left in peace, to appreciate each sun rise and sun set.

Yet some mouse cowering in a corner just whimpered: “This guy puts Slick Willie and the Lyin’ Dyin’ Cowboy to …envy”.

The American People Are Not Stupid…but who will go for US Cowards?

Cry, the Beloved Country.
*WHIM is the author’s acronym for “Whatever He Images or Mentions”.

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