Us vs Them… or Us compared to Him?

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by Buck68™, November 22nd, 2012
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A Vast Moral Difference, by Jeff Jacoby from Townhall [CLICK to read]

Once again we humans divide us from them, declaring or implying some significant “difference”. This time it’s “morals”.

Once again we prove the age-old point, this time in song and an old form of the progressive reinventing human history – selective editing and whatever wording.

Three classic examples, the first two from Jacoby’s article:

1-Media coverage of the hostilities in Gaza tends to focus on rockets and casualties and diplomatic maneuvering.

Yes folks, this time “the difference” that is “not emphasized enough” [says who?] is that Hamas is the bad guy. You know, ‘them’. All of them… you passionately, empathetically KNOW how they’re all the same. It’s just like inventing another universal right for all. Like HealthCare. You all are ‘it’. You all must ‘believe in it’. You all must ‘get it’. You all… only lose your individual identity, your individual unalienable rights, your individual choices… for “the greater good”. That would be… My Good. The good of Me… your Keeper.

Yes folks, sell your Hope & Change – your soul or call it your ‘spirituality’ – for Seven Years of Whatever. It’s an old old multicultural story where “media tends to focus“? Or… where whosoever is better at lying and charading… uses media… to emotionally appeal to you… to be angry with… ‘them’? And preytell, what is the “focus” with which Science says this …is done? Stimuli. Emotional stimuli to trigger instinctive response. Hello, fellow animals – I’m so excited to be here?

2-Not emphasized nearly enough is the vast moral distance that separates Israel from its terrorist enemy. [Hamas]

It’s never too early to climb that hill and look down on others, is it? Especially sincerely… or empathetically. Be cause me so humble, I omit ME as the Subject of this sentence, be cause that is DIRECT speech/writing. But most of all, be cause I can just declare something accurate and… uh… ‘right’ while completely OMITTING the AUTHORITY for right and wrong. The moral Authority. I mean if I declared myself Thee Moral Authority… how could you do anything but laugh and retort such classics as, “who died and made YOU God”? I mean, “jump off that cliff” …where’s the moral authority? LOL. You gotta say “Simon Says jump off that cliff”.

Thus “it is not emphasized nearly enough“. And having completely avoided the minor issue of Authority, we then utter the whatever word [in this case, “moral”] that feels so right [whenever i remind myself that verily, it is i who am right in my own mind] to MAKE IT RIGHT for everyone who’s… the good guy. You are ‘good’, aren’t you? Then, you must agree with me… be cause I AM good – totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR].

3-So what is a moral, absent the Authority for it? In one popular word: whatever. Whatever “has a relationship” with anyone and everyone, anything and everything. It is perfectly whatever… each person feels at the moment and NEVER GOING BACK. It’s simple, beautiful moral chaos. Every person feels right, no other person is right unless he agrees with…me. What a wonderful Level Playing Field of Diversity for the… predator. You feel so right, feel whatever you are stimulated by … so ‘passionate’ …so ‘kept’…right up ’til the moment you get Naturally Selected. What could be more Fair… for a sincere Keeper? Endless shots and breaks for amateur keepers from professional Keepers.

This is man, apart from … The One We Must Not Mention.

On his own, man is a self-delusional ego. He ensnares himself in his own web of deception, which he first creates to avoid the obvious [he’s not God]. Why? So he can dress up his fact-based Scientific game of Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection by playing ‘the good guy’. This makes whosoever who opposes him, everything from lesser to bad to …whatever Dear Ego feels. He’s… only human. So, what human does not personally experience this game?

So…the focus here is the media? The medium? Or the content of the medium? The basis of the content?

Verily, Hamas are the bad guys, Israel the good? My religion [whatever] good, others bad? Or, “respect all lifestyles and cultures” so there is no ‘bad’… except for whatever to Fight Back against?

So, shall we feel good about Thanksgiving here, while they [the two sides by whatever names] duke it out with their lives, courtesy of our oh so appropriate media stimulations, over some… “not emphasized enough difference“?

Perhaps it is as simple and utterly foolish as I shall have no other gods before ME. After all, who compares whatever to Something Not There? Who can discuss Something we must not mention in public, let alone learn about, let alone ‘actually’ try to follow?

May Be He is… incomparable. And I, am so very comparable, so very transparent, to survive i must progress FORWARD by my stimulating charades fingering ‘them’… or others will see me… morally naked.

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