Whatever Is The More of Less, More or Less?

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by Buck68™, March 31st 2010
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The less of More have more than Less
otherwise more would be less, without guess.
But there’s always less of More, and more of Less
so Social Justice can force the More, to give to the Less.

Because Less have more, they got it from more Less
Because the Less bought more from the More, not less
So the more Less had more, but then bought from the Less
and that’s how the More, keep getting from the more Less

now who’s to blame for this terrible oppression
of the more Less buying from the less More without digression?
it’s obviously the less More, because the Less are more
and only a fool would buy from an oppressive less More!

So you have to be dumber to buy from an oppressor
but does this explain why so fewer keep getting more?
it doesn’t add up, so that is the question:
who keeps tricking the more Less, to keep buying more from the More?

it’s not a fool, cause the more Less aren’t stupid…
it’s not some tool, cause the more Less name ‘them’ wicked
it’s not an enemy, cause the more Less have more company
it’s not about sex, cuz more Less don’t make more by just being nakid.

it’s not about lying, because that doesn’t rise to the level
it’s not about outrage, because we all feel that more & more
it’s not about the truth, cuz that is whatever jest sayin’
it’s not about racism, cuz everybody has more and makes more

some something is doing something to make more Less have less
while the less More, when we know they’re evil, just keep getting more
but there’s too few less More, to take enough more for the Less
so getting more from less More for the more Less…is in distress!

now we’ve all written IOU’s to our selves and each other
just like we would do if all men were brothers
we’ve all counted or not counted ’til all our troubles went away
to counting more on Big Pork Brother to keep making our day.

So now our Today for the more Less, is full of more more
more costs, more promises, more outrages galore
but CELEBRATE, the Hope and Change music is playing
and your Health Care will happen, soon after you’ve finished paying.

YES WE CAN! It’s The Promise In Just Sayin’, and He Never Lies
cuz we all chanted that when a Leader Lies, People die.
And so Nobody is dying at twice the rate over somewhere
You just have to govern anyway, and “surprise”…really care!

And to get the Promises all you have to do
Is have faith hope and charity… in The One from the Blue
Who Adds and Subtracts all carbon units rightly
So all will happen to be, Transformational Reality.

Only He and those maintstream midday crowned czars
can calm our Fright and Outrage and NASA-fix troubled cars
Only He can keep Educating more out of Less for more more for the Less
So the Less keep buying more from the less More to redress…

…the folly of the more Less, dying for the WHIMs* of Just One More.

nb. WHIM acronym: Whatever He Images or Mentions

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