Who Are We, Playing This IPoD Game?

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by Buck68™, May 31st, 2012
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Congress has made thousands of laws. The Executive Administration has made millions of rules. The courts have interpreted by all means and published millions of interpretations. Experts are indoctrinating the children and inferior inappropriates what to feel, say, think, do. The 50 states… follow the money.

What is going on [ WIGO ] when evolving to more rules makes your rules …inappropriate?

It is so complex. It is so frightening and concerning. It always keeps happening again, and again, and again.

We must keep fighting back because the more we evolve, the more suffering and oppression there is to fight back against. FORWARD… to fight back!


Nothing that doesn’t keep happening naturally between adolescents in groups.

What happens simply and always keeps happening again between adolescents in groups?


All the participants who feel right in their own mind, keep making rules… for others to follow.

Followers dodge, or hide, or …submit to rule makers.

Submitting to rule makers is rather tough when the makers keep evolving however they feel and keep writing more and more rules… for you. Fair is… more and more and more… submission to evolving changes by change makers.

So… fellow adolescents …feel right …and do whatever …and make ‘them’ pay, and fix, and contribute! It’s only fair…for my feelings.

e pluribus unum … is so out of touch.

One nation, under God, is totally SO not Diversity, and so ignorant, and totally wrong.

But my sincere re-forming of more rules for you to follow…endures forever …so you remain dedicated …to ME.

I have to do what’s best for Me. IPoD! I AM the Pervert of the Dei.

Get it?

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