Why isn’t throwing money at the problem, the solution?

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by Buck68™, July 29th, 2011
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Listened to a TV wail ‘n whine about the German economic recovery this morning… 25 consecutive months of decreasing unemployment…. After a couple stats, the title question.

Q: Why isn’t throwing money at the problem, the solution? A: Stupidity, and evil. The infinite stupidity of self-deception by deceiving others. The infinite evil of selfish motivation. Simply, Einstein said it thusly: Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Q: Why isn’t throwing money at the problem, the solution? A: Because “investing” YOUR money, is me buying ‘myfriends’ with YOUR money. We “throw” other people’s money [OPM]. OPM by the trillions, one conservative called “crumbs” the other day; those receiving it, call it “my money” and “oppression”.

Q: Why isn’t throwing money at the problem, the solution? A: because when you have built up 135 TRILLION in debts over decades by every legalized lie covered by 13 years of ‘lying doesn’t rise to the level’ and ‘everybody does it’ … government is not “throwing money” any more. Government has only deception left, and must necessarily skyrocket… the individual’s stupidity and fear.

so… [whine, wail, fear, get justice, get ‘them’]…? A solution must be bi-partisan [Pres Obama’s latest utterance].

How does one “compromise” …lying? How does one “compromise” 135 TRILLION DOLLARS of monetary LYING? Why… with ‘stimulus’, ‘sincerity’, ’empathy’ … the addications of … lying. In scientific terms, by parasites [government, as government does NOT PRODUCE; IT TAKES FROM THOSE WHO PRODUCE] injecting a little more numbing saliva into the open wound THEY ARE SUCKING MORE OF THE HOST BLOOD FROM. Y.O.U. …the Host …as y.o.u. keep selling your self for chump change.

so…”bipartisan”? All that means is that elites [self-anointed as those who know better and control others by power & money &… deceit] … are …EXACTLY what they say they are: better than you. Elites are SO BETTER than y.o.u. that y.o.u. have so needed over 2000 government pograms over 45 years … to ‘raise y.o.u.r. awareness’.

if y.o.u. like to count, that’s over $135 TRILLION … I.O.U. stupidities. You can ALWAYS count on government stupidities… they are countless, and only the numbers rise by 4 BILLION per day in ONE debt category… of who knows how many Behind The Green Door?

The Evil Rich – Obama says those EARNING over $250,000; or, over $1 Million net worth – are Evil? THEN WHY DO Y.O.U. keep listening to, selling your self to, electing… EVIL?

Why? A: because you are so stupid. You are so stimulated by handouts; by ‘getting’; by ‘feeling bad’; by anger fright & outrage – that you are ‘so sad’ you are so far, far beyond STUPID you are … ONLY human. You have crossed the MISSING LINK back to unaware. You are but a beast who can do no wrong. You are tissue. You are chattel. You are Somebody’s … pet. Y.O.U. are, as Jon Stewart so wonderfully put it recently, “entertainment” for Entertainers that are “disappointed” when Y.O.U. ‘give them cred’.

And why would any EVIL RICH PERSON… pay ANY Taxes???? And only a stupid fool would ‘luv’ a person TELLING Y.O.U. to ‘pay your fair share’… while he keeps lying and stealing.

If y.o.u. did not ‘have addiction’ … you could add. If you could add, you could combine numbers to make the total smaller. CUT. Cut spending REAL dollars [the dollar government keeps TAKING from TAXPAYERS who PAY …TAXES.

OK class: what is 2.2 minus 3.65? Class? CLASS? CLASS!!!

Education Story for The Serenely Stupid Behind. The kids are in 3rd grade. Teacher gives each kid 2 blocks. Then, teacher says, “each of you must gimme 4 blocks or you are wrong, evil, ignorant…and worst of all, “inappropriate”! How long before the smarter [elite] kids… start stealing blocks from the … nice kids? How long before the elite kids, keep stealing more and more blocks and selling blocks to the kids wailing about ‘truly need’ more blocks or Teacher will … minimize their interaction? NOW… what does Teacher [government…by ‘investing in Education’] do WITH ALL THOSE BLOCKS he got by Gimme?!

~FIRST, he skims some off the top for himself, and hides his skimming in laws he makes about his wages, his rights, his perks, his benefits, his disabilities, his retirement … all ‘special’ …because he’s such a ‘public servant’.
~THEN, he pays off ‘special interests’ who first bought him, with some of these blocks in many different forms… in order to hide the payoffs and fraud. Call it… ‘the biggest Ponzi scheme ever’ … and it’s all legal cuz lying never rises to the level and you can’t sue me …na na nah na na!
~THEN, he uses summore to finance ads, non-profits, skools, artists, entertainers… to finger all the evil ones y.o.u. must hate to ‘be tolerant’.
~THEN, he hires more Federal Civil Servants to instruct the Federal Civil Servants how to spread the latest pogroms to raise awareness across the entire Federal Government, in every office, so the Federal workers who were supposed to be doing that job, can now add all the ‘re-form’ to the 1000’s of pages of former re form to get… higher mountaintops of pulp fiction so We Shall Overcome… someday.

HE DOES NOT ‘CUT’… HE …JUST [get justice] …TAKES …MORE. Evermore. So much evermore, the government public servants have already taken EVERYTHING! That is EVERYTHING REAL… PLUS 135 TRILLION more.

So… we’ve been a tad more than had. And any kid knows addition, so every kid must be EDUCATED from BEHIND into ADDICATION, in order to become AS STUPID as We The People Are…Are. Since when? Since WE …exceptional as WE ARE … started The Great Society …a mental slavery far far better than the simple old slavery of slavery in every human civilization. Simple Old Slavery was where one person owned another, and other people said, ‘he owns him’. TODAY, by every means, the government owns EVERYBODY… call it ‘slavery for freedom’. Or ‘health care’. Or…whatever you’re told.

All these are age old charades and lies by whatever feelings and words [noises].

To reduce the charades, the lies, the supidity… CUT SPENDING. Cut using addition, not addication. 2.2 revenue – 3.65 spending = MINUS ???? To ‘get justice’ … get a clue from addition.

If you do not get just adding, “get justice” will get you. Empathetically, of course. It’s only Natural …Selection. SSSS.

Why isn’t throwing money at the problem, the solution? Because the Thrower IS THE PROBLEM, not whatever object he throws.

S-V-O in direct simple English: the subject [elites] the verb [throw] the object [deceptions]… in order to entertain themselves and play with your lives, your fortunes… by SEPARATION from sacred honor.

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