WIGO – To Be Helen Thomas Borked

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by Buck68™, June 7th 2010
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It has been faithfullly reported that 50 year veteran reporter Helen Thomas opined she wants all Jews out of Palestine and back to Germany and Poland.

Oh, the fright and outrage. Oh, the right and left demand various apologies. Oh, how she must resign.

Oh, the hypocrisy of only American ‘exceptional’ principles.

Oh, the spectacle of hypocrites holding them hypocrites accountable to…whatever they feel. Whatever happened to ‘misspeak’ and ‘doesn’t rise to the level’ and…whatever is…is? Why can’t Helen get what Bill Clinton got…where’s the party on the White House lawn? Who’s the Anointed One who decided Helen is to be Borked instead of Celebrated?

Oh, the social justice of our justice upon whoever to blame for whatever is…inappropriate. But wait…can’t Helen say ‘words mean whatever I feel…at the moment’…so what she sincerely meant was…whatever is just being honest…or appropriate?

Oh the DIE-versity of ‘tolerance’! Feel the luv. Celebrate the Social Justice of the Fully Redistributed Level Playing Field.

Thus…cutting out by social exorcism for the vicarious diddling of the many …is just another of our daily dose of ‘outrage’. We do so need our daiily Crucifixion…don’t we…this ‘exceptional’ Nation of … Cowards?

And by these behaviors…what does an ordinary person know by comparison to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights? What passionate god revoked Helen Thomas’ inalienable right to liberty license?

Come…let us search for some “leader” who has made such an … unusual … comparison.

Quick! Before the next crisis, the next outrage, the next ‘so it will never happen again’ … all popular terms for ‘the next charade’ … hits our stage.

The stage of ‘our justice’ … which has long perverted by Evolution and Progress of this ‘nation of laws’ … the stated purpose of “establish justice” in the Preamble to our Constitution.

Just [heh heh] what kind of ‘moral’ is ‘appropriate’ for the latest tar & feathering in this …dying in DIEversity … ‘republic’?

I’m … ‘so excited’. Just imagine how many ‘legal technicalities’ and ‘hate crimes’ and ‘potential racisms’ we can find to enjoy our self-destructive perversions more and more each day!

Whatever I feel…feels so…whatever. As the Nation Burns, 1 Lie 2 Live*, fiddle on, fellow Cowards.

So Be Entertained! Be Distracted! Do NOT ask, WIGO? What could POSSIBLY ‘be happening’ with the thousands of influencers and officials in positions far more powerful than icon Helen Thomas, whose passions fundamentally redistribute This Republic into …whatever serves their ends? Their labels are many. Their purposes only natural. They are the leaders We The People… keep choosing…keep admiring…keep ‘buying into’.

This Republic…this Good Ship and Crew, are a bone to be chewed, when the gales of November come early*? Our elites…will ‘be out of campaign mode’…the day ads disappear!

So November comes daily.

*see previous Buck68 article, so titled.
** from “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, by Gordon Lightfoot

3 Responses to “WIGO – To Be Helen Thomas Borked”

  1. Rocky55442005 Says:

    Dude, what is wrong with you? This has to be the most idiotic writing I have ever seen. I met a guy who talked like you, then he would slip the syringe in his arm and fall back into heroin land. You need to take your “medicine” as you are making no sense on here!

  2. Buck68 Says:

    Rocky55442005: thank you for warning me and reminding me of my foolishness, which ought to be “ever before me”. Please describe the “idiocy” you see, as it is difficult to recover from if you keep it a mystery.

  3. Gaylord Curlis Says:

    Excellent items from you, man. I’ve remember your stuff previous to and you’re simply extremely fantastic. I really like what you’ve acquired right here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which during which you say it. You’re making it enjoyable and you continue to take care of to keep it wise. I can not wait to learn far more from you. This is actually a tremendous web site.

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