Come Clean … or High Water?

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by Buck68™, October 1st, 2013
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I exempt Me from rules for You… for I am Your Servant?

What “servant”; what “representative of the people”… gives himself benefits… exemptions… perks… privileges… “IN’s”? Are you IN?

Is there a “furlough” for a “civil servant” if there is deferred pay and inequitable lay offs and overtime to close open parks for government employees?

At this point, like every point, does it matter… unless you have given your hope away, or sincerely feel You Are The One?

What are YOU making… when you stand idly by, indebting children and taking from earners? Are you are making Hell To Pay?

Does it Takes just a majority of a Village of Cowards …to Sincerely Destroy the Village in Order to Save It?

Where is blaming, if there is no responsibility; and where is accountability, if no responsibility?

Who is the – the Judge, Jury, and whatever – if I… hold “them”… “accountable”?

IF my credibility is not at issue – everyone else’s credibility is continually at issue – who am I?

Where there is a human guarantee, an entitlement; there is no ‘giving’ or receiving: only ‘getting’.

Are human rights granted by humans, my rites of being better than you where I DEFINE YOU and I permit you… IF… you are ‘special’… IF… you are IN?

Is Social Justice The Empathy of Transparently Redistributing My Envy My Way

What is service… if not serving, as compared to getting or earning? Does not a servant, serve unless there is a specific exemption [express powers], rather than “rule” he ‘gets’ unless specifically denied [implied powers]?

Is it not the nature of the employment relationship – the job – as adversarial as complementary? Do not the employer and employee each try to get more from the other by all means necessary? IF so, then who can protect ordinary people from their leaders, but those who serve instead of get?

What is any “contract” if one party can reinvent or reinterpret or enforce or not enforce or exempt from it …howsoever he feels?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” [Sir Walter Scott]. Is this why I, must hold you, accountable… by all means necessary? What does Science say about this?

If YOU had 2 dollars and owed a nickel on each of 60 different programs, would you pay no programs at all because you feel shut down? What if years ago you had 14 Number One Priorities and have not publically rescinded or re-prioritized a single one since… what are your priorities now? IF ANY ‘faith’ and ‘credit’ remain… and a rudimentary understanding of arithmetic… what child could not figure out how to pay what is owed on the higher priority programs?

Upon what comes first, all else depends.

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