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by Buck68™, November 3rd, 2012
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Waiving Freedom, by Thomas Sowell in Townhall

Here and there some nice and caring Someone, takes exception to his favorite of the many unconstitutional “waiving of freedoms” in the territory formerly known as The United States of America.

But… “it’s too late to turn back now”.

Today’s election either makes it more way too late, or maybe a tad less way too late. But…

Fundamental Transformation from Self-Evident Truths is the neverending gift of the Progress of Man, where the First deception is about Truth. Who do you Trust? See what i mean?

So, lying rose to the level in the first lie, immediately spawning lies that would make a virulent cancer proud, sold as whatever entices man, to whosoever just wants to ‘get theirs’ by Scientifically Natural Ways.

Yet our Founders built the house of the United States of America on the Rock of Ultimate Authority for Self-Evident Truth. They were not a majority, none were either perfect or worthy, and under the Scientific universal principle of Entropy… how did “exceptional” or “best nation ever” … “happen”?

Absent morals, life is Fact-Based Science of Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection. Absent Ultimate Authority for those morals, morals are… whatever i deceive or entice you into feeling are …morals. And yet, the most charismatic Deceiver ever… cannot deceive me unless i… participate. Why? Be cause I am…a human being.

As a human being, I have been elected … from the moment I was given life.

Whether I seek Truth, or my own desires …this question continues throughout our lives – each one of us.

This is not an “our side or their side” issue.

Did Sandy discriminate between one side’s houses and the other side’s houses? Or did His message in His stormy rains, fall on good and evil alike? Notice all the “distractions” our experts and betters asserted, happened.

Distractions and Deceptions – do they not have the same effect… if you are seeking The Truth on your journey in life?

As the country song put it… “you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”.

Is that “something” … whatever you feel in response to whatever stimuli trigger your feelings at the moment?

If so, perhaps you are like the movie, “The Man Who Would Be King”.

If you gave your hope and your change to another human being, did you not then make him The King? If that person declared “I AM your Keeper”, did he not declare Himself King? That Barack Obama asked for your hope and change, and declared Himself your Keeper, are facts. But these facts omit the essential: you and I gave those spiritual and scientific powers to Him in the 2008 election, and kept on giving them to Him. And if you give them away, then you once had them. And if you were once Your Hope and Your Change, then…

did we not build our house upon the sand?

What Amazing Grace… of the Person once claimed as our Creator and Ultimate Authority for His gifts recognized as Self-Evident Truths!

NOW… SEPARATED… The One You Must Not Mention… while celebrating the Diversity of all cultures, lifestyles, religions being the same.

Who would rescue a person in the throes of his own passions about everything being different and the same, at the same time … denying ONLY his Rescuer? Not I. My love… is mine.

So TODAY, like each day, is an Election of continual choices. Do you try to use an eternal moral standard to differentiate? Or… the sands of whatever enticement and distraction triggers your passions of the moment?

Me… i do the latter naturally, often before i “think” about it. Then, when i “come to my senses”… I’m stuck with what i already felt, said, and/or did. NOW my question becomes… am I going to try to recover toward what I ought to feel/say/think/do? Or… my much more well-traveled road of avoidance, denial, cover-up, and…all my usual whatevers?

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