Equitably Recovering from the Home Mortgage Mess

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Series Common Sense, Uncommonly Applied?

Article 1 Equitably Recovering from the Home Mortgage Mess, a problem-solving outline.

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Any label prejudices and profiles many individuals and factors into one story. Here I put “equitably” first to control the term “recovering”. We already feel the mess.

Equitability applies the idea of equal treatment in a common process. This enables equal opportunity. Neither treatment nor opportunity means a handout. Nor do they entitle by some inequitable factor such as age, sex, race, culture, group, or position. If equitability is not the decisive criterion in a constructive recovery process, then we can all smell the game! That old game where it’s right for my group to get stuff at the expense of your group. Equitability in deed is making the Level Playing Field [LPF] on which to play the liberty game. Equitability is not saying the words. It’s not making all people feel the same. It’s not fear or happiness. Equitability is not a horse race where special people handicap others with different weights, by how they feel about racing or a horse.

The term ‘recovery’ suggests a forward process to return to a desired situation. Upon achieving that situation, the adversity is over. Thus we define the goal that ends the recovery. This definition excludes who’s to blame and how to get even. Progressive leaders have provided our adversarial system for those kinds of never ending battles. In contrast, equitability and recovery fit in a justice system. An adversarial system works on power, not justice.

So, on to applying the problem solving process to equitably recover from the American mortgage mess.

What’s the situation, i.e. the mess? Initial problem statement: trillions of dollars in real, perceived, and newly minted money has been lost or redistributed due to same old human causes. Those causes: greed, failure to accept basic responsibilities, successful special interest advantaging, and failure to enforce basic laws. No one is innocent. All are guilty in some way, sometime. Many now are busy blaming others and feeling screwed. A few are getting richer. Everyone wants more, fast.

Who are the participants? Mortgage owners, mortgage lenders, financial institutions, auditors, government, investors, and Americans who pay taxes.

What actions are going on now? Bailouts, stimulations, lobbying, litigation, projects, spending, normal government processes mixed with emergency actions. What is not going on now? Saving, prioritizing, managing, process improvement, and quality assurance.

What is essential and promised to Avoid The Catastrophe? Besides Stimulus we must pass immediately? Public view of each item as Congress develops bills. Public computer means for review & comment by item, type, or sorting. Item cost and expected results. Who will distribute the money to who, how, and when. Who reports what so the public can monitor and government can manage resource use and progress.

What are the consequences if government does not provide the essential promises BEFORE money is handed out? One reported example: neither government nor recipients can find the “lost 78 billion dollars” missing since last November from the $350 billion TARP I immediate spending to avoid catastrophe. Doing the math and avoiding essential promises, we can expect to lose about 250 billion dollars in the 1.1 trillion Stimuli just passed, not counting tomorrow’s immediate stimulations to avoid catastrophe.

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  1. everhome mortgage Says:

    If everything was equitable “meaning equal” then the rich wouldn’t get special treatment. The poor wouldn’t always be in so much trouble and everyday life would be much easier for many of us. But this is only life and that sort of thing never happens.

  2. Jina Carlew Says:

    I like this website it’s a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

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