Government Doesn’t Meet MY NEEDS!

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by Buck68™, October 8th, 2013
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Last week an interesting poll – one of… gazillions – finds that 88% of “Americans” [who are “Americans”?] across cultural, political, and economic spectrums “feel” …that “government does not meet my needs”.

What is going on [WIGO]? Over the last 50 years, apparently, the more government “raises awareness” [from about 200 to now over 2,200 pogroms]; the more government “gives rights and special rights”; the more government… just does more… the more people in America… feel they need. Need, and “don’t get”. Need… more. How can this “happen”? How can this “be”?

Do I know WIGO? Am I “right in my own mind”… so I can…Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really [THAR] tell all of YOU [the lesser people]… all “them”… what to Feel, Think, Say, Do [FTSD]… so Whatever… “Never Happens Again”?

If I [your humble fair greater than you person] cannot THAR tell you WIGO, and so exactly what to FTSD… who can? My Hope? My Keeper? My Commander-in-Chief? My… representatives or senators in Congress? Some judge? My bosses at whatever “work” is these days? Whoever “organizes” me? Whoever “fights back” for me? My favorite preacher?

If I cannot THAR tell you lesser people WIGO, and so exactly what to FTSD… and make it stick on you …can you …make it stick on me?

Didn’t we used to play this word game [verbal bullying and sometimes physical too] on the playground in recess… and sometimes in class too?

Good thing we kids outgrew this …when we became… adults.

NOW I AM an… adult. I have NEEDS. Your job [or whatever] is to ‘get it’ for ME. You… must meet my needs. My Needs? I’ll tell you.

Oh how I love thee… let me count the ways… YOU must ‘be there for me’.

I have needs. YOU… have responsibility and accountability… to ME.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS: By your measure, it shall be measured to you.

OR THIS: What goes around, comes around.

THIS IS HORRIBLY WRONG: In the Circle of Life…as I ‘feel’ I am the Progress, the Pride, the Hope, the Leader… I become so good at getting more… I climb so high and run so fast… I run right up my own behind. Circle gets the square when I’m in charge.

But… government must do …whatever …for ME. It’s only fair… that I am a SLAVE to some candyman… who doesn’t even make his own candy… only candy-promises from his lips….

In Diversity… YOU are ‘to blame’ – unless you’re a taker. What could be more natural and popular than to be a taker, taking whatever you can, however?

It’s only natural to make more takers, more disadvantages, more traumas… when that gets you more to take.

It’s only natural to take from others [not yourself – others] to get.

It’s only natural to “organize” to get more for yourself and your followers than… “them”.

It’s only natural to transform any organization, into MY organization for ME.

Government, media, education = control over the people, by entertaining/deceiving the people, by indoctrinating the children. IF YOU are IN… The Future Is Ours, Comrade.

Thus in eight short years, this Exceptional Nation converted winning the Cold War… into the Village of Whatever Is…Is, [using All Means Necessary just as the Cold War losers did] where Charismatics convert each perversion into more popularity and power… and no lie rises to the level – unless YOU do it.

Consider yourself “invested IN” …for your Safety, for your Health Care. After all, appropriately felt, what part of YOUR life is NOT… Health Care?

Once the poet said, “I am the Captain of my ship; I am the master of my fate”.

NOW – in the War on Whatever [WOW] by the Whore of Whatever [double WOW], YOU are the slave shipped and handled whatever faceless bureaucrats feel. YOUR Master’s “empathy”, decides YOUR fate.

My fellow Hopeless millions! Doesn’t YOUR Keeper… own YOU? So, at this point, what difference does it [whatever] make? YOU are dead to liberty, alive to stimulation… like Animals on a Farm.

So, YOU vast majority of Leaders and Reasonable Mainstream Appropriates for Safety and Fairness… NOW is the time to stifle those few evil radical inferior stupid extremists holding all us exceptional people and caring intelligent leaders hostage!

Fact: We have Progressed to SEPARATION from God [remember COYOTE?]. NOW we need Transformation to… to… feeding My Needs of Evermore. I need to be married having a relationship to makers to get more. It’s NOT a tax; it’s filing a tax return paying no taxes to get “refunds” and “credits”. As simple as “Yes We Can” feels good; as simple as never again “just say No”.

WE so need the National Diversity Marriage, where X, the maker with resources; gets married by Y, with needs and No Fault; so Z happens: all property is “Community”.

And Brother, Sister – can you spare a couple five more dollars by… tonight… to be IN, to help ME fight back for YOU against the evil ones? I assure you My Means of Collection… will remain open for YOU, come what may. I will… Stay Thirsty, My Friends.

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