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Nb: this article is a response to an open letter from Congressman Price of Georgia at the url provided. As there are many references to it in this response, and for the reader’s greater enjoyment, I heartily recommend you read it first, and even put it side by side with this article on your screenface, for ready reference.

Dear Fine Fellow,

I’m told on Good Authority – and a deluge of far finer experts – that I’m mortal, not eternal. That I’m a chasm away from perfect – rather than nice, fair, principled, and so forth. However, from my visually impaired, ego-driven desk of arrogance [DOA], I got help so I can harken to your Open Letter.

Congressperson, your open appeal, appeals. Your opening assertion that “no one envisioned” rings true; except, of course, for me and other self-confessed possessors of selective omniscience. Your “burial” of “troubling news” indeed aptly characterizes those of us glad to ‘let you handle it’ as long as I’m having fun. And thus our “reality” is just as you say: reality has been manifested into a set of greater truths: [what] Americans in 2009 believe.” Put one popular way, “perception is reality”.

And so, once again, we’ve been misled and wrongly duped and kept down by others. Once again, we suddenly see ourselves caught in a ‘troubling’ situation, where yesterday everything was either fine, or safely in the hands of somebody…else. Perhaps, as you exquisitely image it, this has “happened” before.

But, here we come to what I like most about your open appeal. You outline what a “principled” person should consider doing about our latest perception of reality. Most aptly, you start with “back to basics”. Need we go further? The whole concept of “progress” is that we do. Science says we evolve and get better with more, just As The World Turns.

OK, taking your basics to heart, I look at a pool and see my reflection. Am I done yet? I then “re-learn” “core principles”. What’s that mean? How do I do that? If something is a “core” in me, I already have it, don’t I? So ‘let’s move on’, to coin a phrase. But then I just get confused, so here’s my first impression questions about your outline.

Party of Solutions. Why must we create something from the ground up, if we already have this core and re-learned? And who are these…”champions” you mention? Finally, what makes an idea “fresh and innovative”?

Rebuild the party’s infrastructure and coalitions. What is this “specific focus” we’re missing that’s essential to “politicking”? Does a new century, new decade, new year, new day – require something essentially “new” to deal with it? Something old? Something Bold…something Blue?

Hold Democrats accountable. This is my personal all-time favorite. I am, each “new” day, year, century – perfect at holding somebody else accountable! Just put me in charge here, and all our problems are solved.

Go on offense, engage and educate: I love it! “Yes, Virginia, someone is fighting for [me]”. One question: should they? [I lied] second question: who needs “…a needed voice and identity”?

Remain unified and disciplined. OK, there are “hostiles” out there. We know who they are. So, let’s ‘pledge allegiance’ to who? My ‘vision’ is “…becoming blurred” here! My ‘core’ is making me Pledge Allegiance, to the Flag, of the…and so forth. I might need ‘re-learning’ on this one.

Reclaim the American lexicon. OK, some hostiles stole our lexicon and altered mindsets with fuzzy appeals. Let’s steal them back!

Broaden the appeal. OK. Let’s “across-the-board”! One solution, fits all. Let’s “embrace the demographics”. I’m confused – isn’t it good and fair to be in “permanent minority status”? I just want to be special and get my breaks and chances. I want to fix all my mistakes with a sincere apology.

Congressperson Price, Transformer of Georgia! You end your letter with a direct appeal to me. And I’m in shock because you didn’t ask for money! I agree with you about optimism and clarity of purpose. I agree “action can be taken”. In fact, like ‘change’, ‘action’ is always happening anyway. But I do not agree that Americans as individuals, groups, and a nation “would mortgage our nation’s future and prolong economic strife”. Most of us most of the time, and all of us some of the time; have been doing that all along. So, in joining you or anyone else, I must first examine myself and commit to what I stand for, come what may. Absent that, how can I find “common purpose” with any other person? Other than perceiving it, of course.

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