The Imposition of Meaning

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by Buck68™, February 28th, 2013
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What is the effect on everything, when I feel right in my own mind? I struggle with grasping the entropic effect of me – ever so slightly imperfect as I humbly am…am – converting reality into my perceptions. Fortunately, Science has defined Entropy …so it is both “fact-based” and rig-or-us-ly peer re-viewed. Anything else is… “inappropriate”, so I’m told.

The problem is, “I’m OK with that”, as one fearful and wonderful person puts it. That’s only a problem if ‘reality’ is… reality, not what I feel about reality. But really – “here I go again”? Am I making a problem out of… ‘no big deal’? Is Me – trying to impose whatever feels real to me; on you and whoever, however – a big deal?

No. Not when you can ignore me. Or delete or ban me so you don’t see or hear anything from me via the internet. Or your group. Or maybe when you use me as something to laugh at or objectify or blame or degrade. Every joke needs a …butt. Those of us ‘to blame’ – do we not serve an essential function for our betters?

Only when… yes I can… are my feelings a big deal… to you. As I, by all means necessary, Get Power from your… perceptions. Then – I Invest that Power in Me – to make, force, compel you to comply or else. Or else what? Or else face My Justice, in all the ways I can jail, penalize, brand, demonize, or ostracize you. Imposition is a big deal. Imposition is that precise, sexually explicit, relational, whispered phrase in a smiling aside to our President, from our Vice President. Who could put it better? Who could make it simpler?

Do you ‘get the Message’? Are you IN if you are ‘on Message’? If you are IN, can you get an exemption? A waiver, a favor? A living wage by ‘doing something’, or not? ‘Access’ to… whatever?

What could be simpler than if you are “special”, you get specials? And if you have too much, you must keep giving more until whatever is Fair? And if even 1 can be saved from whatever, you all must pay more [not a tax] and get more restrictions?

What if Imposition is simply just the charisma of the bully pulpit? Is it OK if it is “investing in Education”? Is Imposition good if it Has Vision? A Vision Statement? A Bible? Any Holy Book? A Village? A Culture? Diversity? Have I originated any idea, any clue here? It’s just my feelings, my sincere perceptions.

So what’s the deal? If communication were as simple as using dictionary definitions of words, we could just look them up and others would know what we… mean… by using that word.

But, if a word means what I feel it means at the time, then a word could mean… whatever. Whatever by any feeling by any person. Or a thing. And I could have no specific recollection of my feeling about a word at some time, before. Who remembers each of their feelings at any specific time, especially when stimulated, excited, or in some passion?

So who can tell another a meaning of a word at any time, if the user or thing itself can not remember?

Thank the Scientific Forward Progress of Entropy. Thank Getting Our Justice by Empathy. Thank Polling. Thank Ad-Ver-tising. Thank Imaging, Branding, Messaging, and Stimulations – and the Toys of Technologies [TOTS].

When you have Random Determinism, whatever happens and is totally determined. Meaning is so outdated! Value feelings.

NOW, we do not need math, or English, or history… or dictionaries… or language. Or Hope or Cope, for the Scope of the Rope in our oh so Exceptional Etats Unis Soap.

Turn On … entertainment and getting whatever.
Tune In … to excited.
Be IN … Drop Out.

So… what DOES each person need?

Perhaps each person needs what all our noises and feelings cry out for: meaning. The precise thing all experts and government pro-grams pro-mise … yet deliver re-gress: “raising awareness”.

For who among us can recognize rational accuracy, much less seek The Truth – when lying doesn’t rise to the level?

Who can stand on any meaning, that falls by anyone for anything that seems right at the moment?

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