An Open Letter to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

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Dear Commissioners
Reference: CoChair’s Proposal; Nov 10 2010; pdf pp3-9

Who or What is Guiding?

Inasmuch as the government of the United States lacks Ultimate Authority, its authority is from ‘whoever can’ do ‘whatever is right in my own mind’ to get ‘my ends justify my means’. The biological term Scientists of Fact-Based Evolution use for this condition is “survival of the fittest”. The means in this condition: power.

Observationally, the human solution of ‘more government’ in any political form by the usual human guises … rationally produces less. Why? The Evolutionary Scientific answer is “entropy”. The mathematical proof is Regression Analysis [put simply, an imperfect times an imperfect always produces a less perfect product].

Pragmatically and intuitively, the concepts of Progress and Wisdom inherently contradict each other. Philosophically, the imperfect cannot perfect himself. Relationally, ‘wisdom’ is the continuing realization that the more you know…the more you know you don’t know.
Rationally, inasmuch as one denies, avoids, or parses the major premise of any deductive argument, there is no basis for finding any minor premise, let alone deducing a valid and/or true conclusion. Thus, avoiding the First Premise…is always fatal.

Therefore, ought we not to explore where you have ‘started’ – your declarative phrase, “Our Guiding Principles and Values”? By logical discourse:

“Principles” come from reasoning [not rationalizing] and morals. The inclusive problem-solving and reasoning enabler is the moral essential to ‘communication’: ‘honesty’. Honesty derives from the moral concept of ‘right and wrong’. Yet the moral authority of men is in practice the continual exercise of ‘survival of the fittest’; and, continuing proof of a Universe in ‘entropy’. Thus, here in a nut…shell, this outlines our human dilemma. But, we are supposedly looking for…solutions. Well then, how well will we do if we assert solutions…before we identify The Problem?

So, what is our problem? THEE first and foundational answer in writing for the United States of America, justifies our independence and Constitution. It is that single term, CREATOR.
Justification requires absolute moral authority for standards, responsibilities, and accountability. Note that this Authority is declared, not imposed. In other words, nowhere do our founding documents require any individual to ‘believe in’ this Creator/God.

Only, that this United States of America is predicated, established, and governed based SOLELY and ULTIMATELY on this Creator/God’s Authority, not man’s.

And so, perhaps Ben Franklin stated our continuing situation well: “we [Founders] have given you [citizens] a Republic…if you can keep it.”

So I just ask, how can we keep what we do not even recognize, because we are each in our own ‘fittest’ ways, UNWILLING to keep asking the First Question? We desire to SEPARATE… from our declared Ultimate Foundation… and wonder why the bigger our building gets… the harder it falls?

Of COURSE we are always able to DRAFT a COMMISSION for a DEBT …to SAY ‘we’ are gonna ‘do whatever’ is “fair”.

Thus, we confess we are in Diversity …unwilling to even ask the First Question of any sentient being…which our Founders asked…and answered: CREATOR.

Will such a nation, “so conceived and so dedicated … long endure”? One might even wonder how have ‘we’ ‘endured so long’?

So…do ‘we need’ … ‘more reform’? Another “fundamental transformer”* …’right in his/her own mind’**?

or, do We The People, American citizens, continue to desperately need what all imperfect human beings will continue to desperately need:

“…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — [so] that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

We the People need periodic Rebirth, continuing Rededication. To what? To either the Living God of Creation; or, as Christ put it, “though you do not believe Me, believe the works”.*** In our case, “the work” is the Ultimate Authority for the morals and standards stated in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. After all, all “the works” of men… especially all the ‘better men’, prove human beings need God…whether or not any imperfect beings ‘believe’ He is…is.

So in short and in sum, the recommendation here is START AT THE BEGINNING.

Perhaps this ‘beginning’ is a search for it. If so, start where you started…and work back towards the beginning.

Search example: as you define “principle” you will find two things:
1-the authority for your definition; and,
2-when you apply your definition of principle to your DRAFT 5 pages of outline, nearly all of it repeats the self-deceptions of better men that have oft gone out upon others…and come around to bite us all again.

We are all veteran fools. Yet at any time from any place or position, any number of us can choose to…recover. So shall we Honor the Dead Veterans…on this Veteran’s Day? Or…

…in this latest reinvention of our age old ongoing Civil Wars… will we take this “Totally Honestly Actually Really” [THAR] Test of saying and little remembering our consecrations and hallowings to those who gave their lives for us …including our millions of children past and future … and … Just Move On … appropriately, fairly, affordably, producing better results by efficiencies and demandings, while rethinking… redundant, antiquated, ineffective… excesses?

~~~all references to NASB version of the Bible
*Romans 1:16-23
**Judges 21:25
***John 10:38

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  1. Shirley Brinker Says:

    I like this message. We must keep our Republic and it needs to be governed and maintained as our forefatheres set it up in the constitution, which is the law of the United States.

  2. Valery Juarez Says:

    I think this web site has got some very good information for everyone. “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” by Hayes.

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