From The Gettysburg Address to The Getties Burg Addy. Part V.

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by Buck68™, August 10th, 2011
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Now we are engaged in a great civil war,
testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated,
can long endure.

NOW we are so engaged in civil war …totally, honestly, actually, really [ THAR ]! If Lincoln only knew…

Now we are being more civil by tolerance by the hating, slandering anger of every Diversity.
Now we are whoring by every Having a Relationship we can passionately feel about…. Our National Dream Act….

Now we are testing every “them” – and telling just how so wrong, so evil, so over the top, so stupid, so ignorant… they THAR are…are.

Now we are testing our children …getting behind every single child with mountains of IOUs… and getting waivers for all the adults in all the States for the ‘stress’ of teaching kids how to read and add.

Now we say so conceived by ‘so incredible’ and ‘so unbelievable’ and ‘so sad’ and every whatever we could potentially lead to …do be doo bee doo.

Now we are so interpreted, so empathized, so raised in awareness … we MUST… GET … [whatever] … now. Stimulate… NOW. …more.

But… endure? Perish the thought! And so we have… haven’t we? I mean… I feel I think – don’t you?

Who needs to endure when… despite whatever, whenever… we “get” and “just move on”?

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