From The Gettysburg Address to The Getties Burg Addy. Part VI.

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by Buck68™, August 11th, 2011
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Now we are engaged in a great civil war,
testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated,
can long endure.

Today, are we – American citizens – engaged in a great civil war? Is this our continuing situation? Regardless of our feelings, our differences, our labels, all the ways we profile ourselves and blame whoever for whatever – are… we… engaged…?

To guess, I “engaged” two random TV sound bites. They illustrated the essence of legal nolo contendre – of detachment by non-communication; of dedication by the enticing marketing of a style transparently dedicated to completely obscuring purpose and substance.

First, Michele Bachmann on TV today: “The political will to do what has to be done… to be bold and different”. Second, the RNC Chairman, on TV today: “We [need to] put America back on track”.

NOW here’s how my pole worked for me. I just looked up from my computer at the channel that happened to be on and listened to the first two leaders who opened their mouths. So my pole followed one of the two fundamental premises of Science about how our universe works: it was random. And, both remarks followed the second premise of Science about how our universe works: all their words were determined. Finally, this entire process and all contents fulfilled that third Pillar of Scientific Law from observing our universe: entropy.

These two happening soundbites in the daily blizzards of jest saying, illustrate the “civil”, “Fair and Balanced” other Pole. The other bi-polar Pole of the Noble Pursuit of Man is: the Blame Game. Applying Churchill’s most famous observation about Their Finest Hour, “NEVER has everyone owed so less than little to whosoever happens to be doing enticing noises”.

So, NOW to apply the 3 rigors of peer reviewed Science – random determinism in entropy – to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. We are not we – we are whoever whatever by however each person feels at the moment. In other words, we are the essence of the chaotic negative.

Are we engaged? Hardly. We [the chaotic negative] do not know who ‘we’ are, and certainly not who I am.

Proof 1? The Blame Game – the Empathy of Obscuring Me by blaming. Our kids used to learn this as the game of ‘Pin the Tale on the Donkey’. It is Education to get ahead by getting behind.

Proof 2? Non-communication by ‘words mean whatever I feel at the moment’ – the expression of human nature when the human is ONLY human, i.e. the animal homo sapiens in the Animal King…dumb. An animal does not know right from wrong – it is always Natural. An animal does not see the difference between “to be” and “to do” – it do be doo bee doo ’s … as it determinedly randoms along in entropy, surviving until it doesn’t.

Proof 3? A random illustration. In 2004, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act – hailed as bi-partisan by the epic coagulation of Tweedledum [President GW Bush] and Tweedledee [Sen. Edward Kennedy]. Now…as the “track record” of DOING …happens along … experts have ‘progressed’ to the point where… these elites have been “begging” President Obama for some time for “a break” from the “stress” of… teaching kids reading and arithmetic. Empathetically, the Secretary of Education – reportedly – will “soon” announce testing waivers for all 50 States. Thus… we are a Nation of Laws by Separation of Powers … except by waiving whatever by “announcing” it. Random…determinism …in entropy.

So, returning to Lincoln: are we engaged? One could argue we’ve done so much enticing profiling and lying we can hardly tell What Is Going On [WIGO] between our reinvented status as half slave as “fetal tissue”, and half free in our utter end as dirt.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war,
Testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated,
can long endure.

2011 Diversity Vision Statement Reinventing Lincoln’s archaic notions by Empathy, for the Nation of Cowards:

NOW whoever is…is whatever in the stimulating whoring of “getting”,
Naturally Selecting whether organisms in the location, or any inconceivable natural organism,
Can … be determined to survive until it doesn’t, by the Enticing Elite Empathies of… do be doo bee doo.

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