From The Gettysburg Address to The Getties Burg Addy. Part VII.

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by Buck68™, August 11th, 2011
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We are met on a great battle-field of that war.

NOW, in Diversity Vision:

The organisms are determined to be happening at a location for Natural Selection.

All organisms are randomly ‘getting justice’. One is shot in his bed next to his family. Another is read rites from a distant location in his location. Another is declared an isolated harmer. Another it is declared has ‘lost his legitimacy’ to rule a location. Another ‘must step down’. Others get free by being in a location, what those in the location must pay for. Others get waivers for what all have by hieroglyphics to be written until 2024. Others get now by IOUs hidden for others to get later. Others hide adding by saying subtracting in an enticing way while blaming others for whatever. One organism is ‘good’ [me] and others are ‘evil’ [they, them, those; and/or, you].

None of these organisms are … doing anything but what being ONLY humans… do be doo bee doo. Natural Selecting ‘doesn’t remember, does nothing wrong, everybody does it, just moves on’.

So, are any of these organisms … met? No – they are happening. They make enticing noises, run away, attack or get attacked, or lay in wait for Natural Selecting.

Great? Whatever only Natural.

Battle? Natural Selection.

Field? Location.

Of that War? No. You have been SEPARATED. Cut out of the Heard, into the Herd. NOW, in Diversity, Survival of the Fittest is always Random, always Determined, and Entropy continues….

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