From The Gettysburg Address to The Getties Burg Addy. Part XIII.

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by Buck68™, September 11th, 2011
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— that this nation,
under God,
shall have a new birth of freedom

— and that government of the people,
by the people,
for the people,

shall not perish from the earth.

Can human beings make a new birth of freedom in the United States of America while we remain SEPARATED from God? Not according to Lincoln, or our Declaration of Independence, or the Preamble to the Constitution.

Lincoln says that, under God, [this nation] shall have a new birth of freedom. ‘Have’ is a possessive verb. ‘Shall’ is an imperative verb form. What imperfect being or institution… can make new birth a future certainty? Thus, rationally, it is imperative – existentially fundamental – that this Nation remain under God. Only under God – the Creator by His Word – are all things possible. Such as, the individual freedom NOT to believe in God; to feel right in your own mind; or, to follow some other person or group’s god. Apart [SEPARATED] from God, nothing of men is possible. In other words, all the ‘Progress’ of Man… by all the ways that seem right to a man… end in death. Every great civilization of man, every great philosophy of man – every ‘belief’ [religion] of men … falls. Science itself observes this as universal entropy.

Our Declaration states it as “self-evident truth”, that God creates each person with equal ‘sentience’ – awareness. And “endows” this ‘free will’ of choosing that enables freedom, with certain unalienable rights. It is MAN, using any means, that keeps taking, denying, stealing, manipulating – from others and his own self.

Doesn’t our human nature continually explain why, in every day and situation, putting this Nation under God is essential to our freedom? Who is worthy of Trust – except this Creator? Both the Creator and human nature…make the authoritative, moral and rational case for ‘limited government’; for preserving rather than interpreting law. Does not EVERY Oath of Office put FIRST, “preserve” the Constitution?

One example. Lawyers – self-ordained “officers of the court” – have endowed themselves with unlimited interpretation of evermore conflicting laws. The charade is that people need an “Adversarial System” to “protect your rights”. Yet the Preamble to the Constitution states “establish justice” as its second of six purposes. So, is legal interpretation a new birth of freedom? Or, is it the recordings of deals between adversaries represented by a special class putting themselves above the law by interpreting laws as they please? Individual interpretation is ‘choice’ – the exercise of your freedom. Interpretation by an elite upon others … is tyranny. Simply, tyranny is the opposite of the Golden Rule…an exercise in the human nature of SEPARATING from and supplanting – The Creator.

Perhaps lawyers ‘interpreting’ law is quite similar to
— ministers ‘explaining’ scripture;
— charismatics ‘leading’;
— ‘the rich’ ‘being greedy’;
— marketers advertising;
— teachers indoctrinating;
— media ‘entertaining’;
— me, trying to ‘get more’ by ‘having to do what’s best for me’?

After 15 decades, thousands upon thousands of ‘reforms’, 50 years of “Raising Awareness” that has resulted in the Trusty Fairness of way over 100 TRILLION dollars of debts to our selves and our Posterity …

We The People

Nothing exceptional. Rather, using a favorite whatever word of TODAY, “nothing has happened to us but such as is common to man….”

Which, again, and by every thought word and deed of man, explains why we will ever keep needing a new birth of freedom

And that we can neither conjure it nor give it to ourselves…

As it is a free gift of grace and forgiveness and protection from God the Creator – a rescue of us from our selves; not a ‘deal’ or interpretation of man.

God gives each person the ultimate freedom to choose as he pleases during God’s gift of life ….

Men? Not quite.

Government of the people SEPARATED from God;
by the people anointing themselves as special…

is always a Supplanting by the Special People
… Making Deals… for MY people – the people the Special feel they possess.

Governments of the people, by the people, and for the people …perish from the earth.
Government under God… long endures.

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  2. Buck68 Says:

    Are your comments here on the article, like I ask for hope and you tell me change?

    What if the values you state in your ‘comments’, are a study in contrasts to the values discussed in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. A few examples:

    By the value of “low rank”, you “notice”, then determine webpage “relevance”.

    By the value of “cannot rank high”, you assert one “will NOT get the traffic you need.”

    You assert one must use the value of “cost in dollars”, in “trying to get to the top”.

    You assert the value of “capture” of “targeted” people to this site, “easy” and “for free”, by a “campaign that takes a team of experts months to achieve.”

    You assert for your self / your entity, a power to “establish justice” by absence of and freedom from such things… that would require continuing perfect and good supernatural power [including “mind control” of people], to achieve.

    At the end, you assert “earn a commission”, which logically reveals the omitted relationship of ‘reseller or saleman’ [me] to organization owner who tells his/her people EXACTLY how to sell [you].

    Which of the values you raise here, does Lincoln raise or embrace in his Gettysburg Address? In Buck68’s 13 attempts to discuss Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which of your values support or supplant the values Buck68 identifies?

    Finally, to those individual Americans who yet devote their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to the ideals of the American Experiment – what is the message of your values? How would any American “go for us” or “e pluribus unum”, using the values you assert?

  3. Mose Weeber Says:

    You are my breathing in, I possess few web logs and very sporadically run out from to post : (.

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