Getting Real with MY Cover

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by Buck68™, August 10th, 2011
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NOW, while FIRST on MyRoad to MyHouse, I determinedly happened upon Roland Martin’s sole opinion in his article, “Newsweek cover of Bachmann sexist? Get real” [ref URL].

Please, please… read it. Every word. I did to literally and logically follow Roland’s every eloquently expressed entropy [the Song of Roland words in BOLD] to ask the following questions.

Roland… are your soul opinions in this commentary, solely those of Roland Martin? If so, are you the ‘I AM Somebody’ some people chant sometimes…or just another Nobody all the time in our Nation of Cowards… like me?

Roland… in all your years covering on the whatever level … has your story earned your are you serious look from you?

Roland…if your article is solely your opinion, then where is any accuracy of any information about anyone or anything… besides you? Or, Roland… are you the equivalent of The Shining …Path?

Roland… how do you give it a rest …by giving your soul opinion? How do you rest by delusional, nothing, flaming, perfect, fake, outrage, condemnations, nonsensical … before it all goes away until your next Cover, your next Story, your next sole soul rest?

Roland, how can any Nobody who chooses not to rise to see level, see what’s literally on the surface? Yet can not any Nobody, regardless of what others name him, or whatever any other pins on his Tale of his donkey, exercise his gift of reason? The complete opposite of “yes we can” by an inalienable gift uniquely and universally given to each… person …who by the gift of freedom to choose his own choice …chooses to use it? Now who knows my, or your, or any group’s ‘track record’ in using this unique and universal gift of reason? Simply…literally… can any of anybody look up “logical fallacies” to find the ever growing list of human inventions, reinventions, interpretations, and perversions of… the same, old, unchanging, unique and universal …gift of reason?

Roland, you’ve done a wonderful sole opinion of … what I have done a thousand times, and will do …countless more. Remember the old saying, “it takes one to know one”?

And so, does not each of us, in that regard, ‘know’ our sole, our soul, and by that example, ‘know’ about others’ human nature?

And so, Roland: ought we [not do we, should we, but ought we] to treat each other as we would like to be treated?
Or even, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask, what you can do for your country?”

Now, Roland – who’s the nut case, the anger employer, a reliable provider of a quality soundbite, a she can only compete for, a wimp, souless, Mr. Boring, an Idiot? Besides…me and you and by e pluribus unum… all Americans …cowards all?

So Roland…shall we dwell on our faux narratives? Our cover… story? Who is worse than any of us, any time we stoke anger by our sole souless sole opinion spread worldwide? Don’t worry, Roland. YOU CAN’T PROVE you are worse than… me! I AM… the worst! I’ve got you totally beat by totally whatever you feel totally honestly actually really [ THAR ] beats you.

And Roland… get rid of that picture of you, please. It’s so racist. It reminds me of when, in the 1920’s by rigorous peer review, fact-based expert Scientists proved that Negroes [archaic inappropriate term for ‘black’ et seq] were inferior because their brains were smaller than…about the amount of your brain that picture of you cuts off. But … please … Roland …whenever you get a grip… don’t show your manhood in your picture YOU … solely by your opinion … choose next. It would do an Isolated Harming to My Cover Story that I AM better looking and more manly… honest.

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