Memorial Memories?

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by Buck68™, May 28th, 2012
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I just read Judge Napolitano’s article, “Memories of Freedom”, on the Tenth Amendment Center’s website.

Jealously of his brevity and envy of his questioning aside, I could try to… comprehend, and respond. Here goes.

I comprehend that the Judge uses questions to describe uncommon perceptions about common doings in our Nation of Cowards, by whosoever can, by virtue of feeling right, position, deception, and/or power.

All the Judge’s questions – what are they suggesting in common? In two words in one term: “human nature”. Who doesn’t desire… more? Who says what they mean…in full? Who doesn’t want exactly what they want… at the moment? Who doesn’t want to ‘feel right’? And, who doesn’t want all those feelings they desire … and none of those feelings they don’t feel good or fair about…and so forth – you know what i mean. What the Judge calls “whims” – is not the popular term “whatever”?

Since when have men put words on paper… or by any other means …that they then followed? I am most sincere, whenever my words are for YOU to follow, not me. I love to be charismatic, empathetic, popular… and …and. I care. I …so care.

All those questions, merely illustrate what any mom or dad already wrestles with IF they would try to raise their children in the way they should go.

What parent does not know that every child ‘has freedom’; the question is who builds their self-control, why, and how?

What parent does not know that opportunity is not a question of what the other person has, but what your child learns to do with what he or she has?

Does not a parent know, that anger and retaliation and envy do not build your child’s character, but destroys it? If you will, sends your child leaping backward across that Missing LINK to no “awareness”, to where he is whatever he feels and so is everything else? Sure, everybody does it…. Well then, does not everybody know this?

Doesn’t a parent know, that any natural, normal child tries to do… everything the Judge questions about in his article? And every time the child suceeds in any of these… natural …happenings – when does this success NOT just …breed …need… for more of the same? And when does failure…not naturally produce some form of blame or avoidance?

So, in the memories of every child… are countless personal examples of winning or losing. By nature and nurture, every child knows these things. It’s the “adults” that run around getting justice or getting oppressed. Perhaps we should say: self-justifying while oppresssing… as doesn’t it all start with ME for every ‘adult’?

Thus, a child could solve… what all the King’s Horses and all the King’s men… can not put together again. Adults only go FORWARD …with more of the same… recolored. A self-centered “adult”, is merely a usually experienced liar who’s going to honestly stick to or keep reinventing his Story. And doesn’t every kid who’s ever thought or asked daddy, “why don’t you do what you tell me to do,” …know this?

Simply, all the smarter elites of every stripe, every color of the rainbow, say, “you can’t” “cut” …my power, my stuff, my cover, my cred, my…whatever. It will ‘hurt too much’… harm everyone! Especially we with “God [or god or whatever] on My Side.”

Yes, my fellow cowards, self-control is… ever essential, ever in need of exercise… NEVER ‘happens’ and we NEVER ‘have it’.

All any person has, is what has already been given to him from above… and the self-evident Truth of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For good or evil… be cause each of us has been given freedom of thought and opportunity, for a lifetime, by that amazing Stranger…

The God Who Has all, but gives life, loves, and does NOT impose.

Not my god, your god, or no god. Not my religion, your religion, their religion, or whatever whoever makes a religion.

IF any citizen of this nation would return to the United States of America’s Kunta Kinte, the First Root is self-evident.

All those other roots of men, need to be continually pruned by that unnatural exercise of self-control, by whosoever would keep trying to do so. Is this not essential to e pluribus unum, that mysterious continuing supernatural means by which “this nation, under God, shall long endure”?

So, is not the answer to the Judge’s last question, “what do we do about it”, what each of us looking intently at that man in my mirror, ought to try to exercise each day?

Who built this nation? Some rich guy, some leader? Or, who knows how many nobodies that drove a spike that laid a rail that helped connect together every natural thing that divides people? Every nobody that we now go search to prove it was “really” John Henry, no the gringo, no… my 1/32nd piece of special that gets me ahead.

Who bankrupted this nation? Every well-inentioned expert reforming to progress to care for fair share. Honest!

So… judge? Memorialize memories? FORWARD naturally? Or… FIRST, rededicate? Then, follow what you have rededicated to… or surely it is not a dedication. Any child knows that, by simple childlike … ‘vision’. And if you the adult cannot or will not see yourself, ask your child, and LISTEN and WATCH.

Follow … Who?

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