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Second of an indefinite series of… asking.

It has been a week since I first wrote to the National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform [NCFRR]. No reply as yet. But, I looked up “unsustainable” in the dictionary and that word means “we can’t keep doing this”. Since we are [see url]… I write again.
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One of the casualties of today’s Diversity is communication*. Since Science declares Evolution and Progress “fact-based” and inevitable, it must be so for communications technology. Just as surely, Science declares the Universe in entropy. Therefore, human willingness and ability to communicate factually suffers progressive entropy. Thus Simon Says, Science Says, and Saviors Say…the Same. Is…is communication as open, as dynamic an issue as it is essential to human relationships? Seems as useful a place as any to try again to start….

Given our scientific situation, is it not imperative we derive principles in communication? Suggestions. First, purpose [understanding]. Second, definition [common terms to recognize a meaning]. Third , reasoning [thinking methods]. Fourth, ‘honesty’ [moral right intent to seek truth].

Recognizing principles for communication provides context and examples for defining the term princple itself. As definitions diverge, the purpose of definition is lost, thus our common ability to reason, thus our ability to communicate about…communicating. So, applying the 4 elements defined provides the means to define Principle. Suggestion: a principle is a relational enabler of truth seeking purpose that combines enduring definitions, reason, and empiricism; every aspect knit together by the moral imperative of ‘right’ seeking ‘Truth’.

I’m not trying to tell you or anyone what to believe or think by constructing this definition of principle. I am trying to walk the talk of each element of principled communication … in the interest of communicating with you on your most vital national commission.

In other words, my purpose is not to get you to listen to me, or do what I say… but to first, LISTEN TO YOUR OWN WORDS. Why?

My fellow Americans of the NCFRR, I suggest to you that your pp 3-9 Outline phrases and words… Celebrate Diversity. I am trying to communicate to you rationally that your words are meaningless and inherently conflicted. I further suggest that any American can hear these very terms pouring forth from every elite [politican, lawyer, media, educator, businessperson, religious leader, activist, special interest] …and fellow American. But most of all, I suspect any American needs to listen to…himself…and hear for himself if such words are coming out of his mouth. They often come out of mine. Consider, my fellow Americans, the consequences if we have marketed our selves and our stuff so well that our magnificent imagings, brandings, makeovers, and campaigns have successfuly deceived and stimulated us to our passions. Psychologically, by conditioning… do we now “actually believe” our own Facades? Scientifically, have we entropically progressed past that Missing Link to ‘only being naturally human’ again? Have we “done a makeover” into the animal who talks whatever by feelings, and walks ‘survival of the fittest’? I’m asking.

Stop. Look. Listen to the words coming out of our mouths. Is it any wonder why ‘more reform’ produces… an exploding DIE-versity of material and moral… unsustainable debts?

More reform? More stimulations? More blame? The unsustainable sustained by more…? Rationally, the patch it up or dump it on the other guy days are long since OVER. “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…” has rationally been NOW, TODAY…for decades. Perhaps, since the day we became “exceptional” in our own minds.

Where do WE start …over? At E pluribus unum …the opposite of Celebrating Diversity? At the beginning: the ultimate beginning, our basic means to interact, and our nation’s founding documents. So, please consider, applying the suggested definitions of communication and principles, the following comparisons to a few of your DRAFT words …those words that are doing to US, whatever we feel like doing to ‘them’:

1-affordable. The purpose, definition, reasoning, and moral of this term are what? The term itself is undefined in every respect, and the Definer [the subject for the verb] is…hidden. Thus, we’re left with a ‘feeling about’ it. “Free” to interpret it however each person feels. Thus, affordable exemplifies the opposite of ‘communication’ – a chaotically divisive feeling that makes me ‘affordable’…and ‘them’… ‘unaffordable’.
2-tough choices. About what? Says who? Another term where whatever it is…is depends on each beholder.
3-it is cruelly wrong to make promises we can’t keep. What does “wrong” mean without the Ultimate Authority for morals? And who is this “we”? And who among us cannot count promises small and large we have not kept? So how in any way is this sentence “guidance”; a “value”, or a “principle”? It is cruelly wrong to itself.
4-Truly Disadvantaged. Absent a common definition of Truth, this phrase is truly disadvantaged. What is “Truth”? Who is not ‘disadvantaged’ in some way, by every thought, word, and deed – of their own, and others? Rationally, this phrase is a license for Me…to feel right to take whatever, however, from whomever I feel ‘did it to me’.
5-Focus benefits on those who really need them. This sounds so fair and says …what? Really? Rationally, this is circular gibberish: “focus” [by my or whoever’s feelings or perceptions] on “really” – reality.

The common attributes of these terms: chaotic, amoral, indefinable. Attributes of the principle of… deception.

So I again appeal to you, fellow Americans of the NCFRR. If we, and first those who would lead us, do not find and renew what We The People stand on…we will, as the country song says, “fall for anything”.

All any individual has to do, is first ‘come to his senses’ – enough to stop, look, listen… and engage that most uncomfortable appendix so shriveled from passions and disuse that it is desperately ‘out of touch’ … our …common sense.
What comes next, for each and all of us to e pluribus unum to renew America, would be most uncommon. An …’experiment’. A continuing, lifelong experiment in … not HAVING … but keeping what we have been …given all along, and yet keep trying to take from each other.

*Communication. The common pursuit of understanding the content of the sensory messaging between one or more people.

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