Spin around eyes closed until you don’t feel like you’re spinning, then stop and what happens?

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by Buck68™, November 4th 2010
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Article Summary: relates behavior between 2 individuals to perceptions in today’s America of Diversity, and explores ways to understand them.

Enigma to Ponder:
Evolution is the Science of Lost In Space until Out of Time
Bit o’ Humor
There must be Intelligent Design…be-cause I am really smart, honest, trust me.

The other day, among other things, a friend asked me to help by doing something he described a couple times as ‘signing for me’. I [the nice helper] was glad to say ‘yes’ to those other couple things, but about the last I started ‘being appropriate’ by saying “I’ll do all I can to help”.

My friend kept asking, finally describing that last request as “forge my signature”. I was in a corner. I said, “don’t ask me to do something illegal”, and immediately all the hope and change ended. I was accused of being “so out-of-touch”, “overboard”, and “making a big deal of out it”. I was told I was a “hypocrite” and reminded when I did something illegal – I drank two beers while in a car driven by another. There was plenty of anger and the conversation ended in anger.

Has something similar ever … ‘happened to you’? OK, asking directly: have you ever been the asker? The nice helper? The evader? The hypocrite? The angry one?

Now that I have ‘remembered’ this to you, shall all tolerant and respectful people say together “I don’t remember, I did nothing wrong, everybody does it, let’s move on?”

Then, of course, we ‘appropriate’ people can get on with our daily duty of accusing and blaming only… the evil ones who deserve it. Or, our default position – avoid or ignore whatever feels uncomfortable.

But because science says humanity ‘progresses’ …I am compelled to just move on….

hmmm…I wonder if my one little ordinary ‘experience’, also goes on in groups of “exceptional” people. I wonder if it illustrates how people divide between ‘us’…and ‘them’. What about in ‘the richest, the greatest country ever’?

In an ‘exceptional’ country full of appropriate people, each ‘right in his own mind’, how does my little happening, ‘go Shakespearean’? Let’s identify some of the actors:

Askers: these people want favors from others. Well, who has not asked for and given favors? But ‘asking’ can also become ‘gimme’ and then ‘gimme more’. Getting help can become feeling entitled to whatever help you demand. Asking can become telling, telling become imposition, imposition…tyranny. Is this totally over the top? Or, can you remember when a sibling, a kid at school, even a ‘former friend’…progressed like this…to you?

The nice helper. Any person can help nicely anywhere, anytime. Heck, everybody…loves somebody…sometime. But ‘helping’ can also become ‘helping my way’…which can become ‘this is how you need to be helped’. Some people can tell other people who, how, when they must help. Good…or any other intentions…can build more and more helping programs until the programs help the programmers most of all. Noble purposes and programs can become the facade behind which some people use any means to further their own ends until… all nice people can only hope for change.

The evader. Now everybody knows there are risks, and in risk is uncertainty. Who doesn’t want to avoid an ‘unnecessary risk’; a ‘huge risk’; whatever is ‘too risky’? Who doesn’t want to avoid a ‘risky’ confrontation? So, evading is a wonderful skillset to ‘have’. Yet, rational or emotional evading degrades any person’s willingness to see ‘what is going on’, a process which increasingly blinds the senses & the mind, thus increasing the very risks the evader wants to avoid. Evading is a …two-edged sword. Who has not ‘successfully’ evaded a little risk or confrontation…only to run into a bigger one later, in part because you blinded your self to the bigger by avoiding the smaller?

The hypocrite. Simply, a hypocrite is one who says he stands for 1 thing, but does something else and then denies or spins both. Like, for example… find the hypocrisies in “I don’t remember, I did nothing wrong, everybody does it, let’s move on.” NB: In logic, all logical fallacies are examples of hypocrisy about reasoning. In psychology, all ‘abuses’ presume there is a right, defined ‘use’. In other words, in all of human behavior, there is no ‘hypocrisy’ absent a common set standard. So…in Diversity…by the non-sequitur non-standards of ‘whatever’ and ‘appropriate’… there are no rational standards, only, [‘being fact-based’], ‘the survival of the fittest’. This is why, in Diversity, you must be TOLD what to feel, think, say, and do – because you cannot ‘tell the difference between’ for yourself. You can’t …discriminate…so you must be discriminated against by those for whom their ends, justify their means. But such TELLERS are not wrong, bad, evil, or hypocrites – just ask Them.

The Angry. There is every kind of anger, and it comes in many ways. So, who doesn’t need ‘anger management’? But, just asking… who’s the Manager? So, this Actor is always lurking …somewhere inside all Actors, until it… ‘expresses itself’. So…are we all ‘troubled’; or, is it ‘them’?

So, do you see these Actors acting in your group, community, state, nation? What are us nice people to do …this Diversity Is Everywhere [DIE] and it just keeps happening…more!

and this just keeps adding too [it’s ‘fact-based’]….

Now of course science and social justice have all the right answers to this be-cause they are..are “fact-based”. Anything else is crazy speculation unless it is ‘freedom of religion’ or ‘free speech’. This means that everything is appropriate EXCEPT for the One Thing that is the Ultimate Authority for our country and constitution and individual freedom.

That One Thing that is written there, is the One Thing that must be SEPARATED. It must be erased from every writing, every building, every place, every sign, every saying. Even in a quote from documents, it must be OMITTED until it is erased. ‘Be spiritual’ to whatever EXCEPT that One Thing. ‘Pray’ to or ‘have faith in’ whatever EXCEPT that One Thing.

It must be obliterated from our senses until…
I don’t remember
I did nothing wrong
Everybody does it
Let’s move on.

The Ones Who Know Better…can TELL us EXACTLY what to feel, think, say, and do…
so we can be…tolerant of tyranny [TOT] …in the never ending saga of the Toys for TOTs program.

Evolutionary Epilogue
… then, in that Great Society, when another carbon unit asks me for a favor… I will know EXACTLY what to feel, think, say, and do…by Stimulus~Response, so it will ‘always be there for me’.

p.s. Just between you and me, this would be totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR] ‘the best ever’ … if I were in charge of The Play. But if I’m not…and Anybody Else is…is; well, then I’d have to do as I’m told. And that… i honestly feel… would be horribly wrong.

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