The Man Who Would Be King

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There’s a little King in each person. Call it what you will: ego, desire, pride, human nature. The King is always with us. The King puts his surroundings and others at His feet and in His service. It’s only normal: He’s only doing what’s best for Him. He’s the King.

Arcane people and un-reinvented writings used to describe the “divine right of Kings”. This interesting term described the amazing but not surprising logic of where the King got his authority to do…whatever. If you will, the honest answer to the old sarcastic question, “who died and made you God?” Today, everybody knows that there is no such thing as the divine right of Kings. Kings are wrong because they are no more God’s pal and one true servant than anybody else. We also all know there’s no such thing as the divine right of Kings because there’s no God period. I mean, which god that isn’t there, can be better? Finally, we all know that each spirituality has its own god or not-god or many gods. And, they’re all the same so none is better or worse so we must respect them all while knowing none exist.

But now, we are in the throes of our latest fears that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. People say so! Polls say so! Media says so. And lo, it is so so. Again. I mean, I’m so scared from the last one that I wasn’t worried at all and didn’t remember. Then CRASH! Boom! I’m scared!

So what’s a nice, fair person, who only wants to do what he can – to do? I’ve said the right feelings so many times. I’ve given money to all the right leaders and parties and causes and things. I’ve repeated and repeated all the right things, to all those wrong people, right people told me about. I’ve volunteered to help with my time and money and whatever I felt was helpful. I’ve actually paid taxes every year to Programs We Must Have. But here we are, at the edge of this huge cliff, going way too fast from whatever before us that had nothing to do with me, making us one something from hurtling into some vastest ever, deepest ever, most catastrophic ever. Since when.

Now do I get The Solution, or not? Help me here. Here’s my problem. I’ve faithfully and fairly followed each leader who’s told me what’s good and who’s bad, and what to feel, think, and do to feel good and have my dream. Yet…here I am. Again!

We have a leader! He was elected in a landslide. He was elected because he’s the best, the first, the finest of all candidates, and He brings hope and change. He was in Washington DC but not of Washington DC. Before that, He was present in Illinois. So, he’s an outsider’s insider, understanding both but being of neither, so he’s more than anyone. Now The Day He Came was the greatest day for America ever, because now we are free at last and His Coming proves it just by looking at His face. He is half this color but all that color, so everybody anywhere can be a rainbow. Believe, or be horribly fallen from hope and change.

We must Follow The Leader or suffer catastrophe unimaginable. So unimaginable only He can tell us. We must pass The Package to stimulate immediately, or something worse than some worst ever will happen faster. All the bad things were dumped on our Leader’s desk when He arrived. He had nothing to do with it before, except whatever He told you: He knew these problems and who was causing them. Actually, our Leader knew all good things from the beginning! How else could He tell us about the bad things that were happening because incredibly dumb, out of touch and lying people, had deceived all the smart, honest, hardworking American people?

It just wasn’t time for hope and change, until we the people became sufficiently stimulated to elect the Greatest Good Shepherd to calm and feed us. We, The People. The People of the Greatest Nation on Earth, the hope of the oppressed everywhere, the Light of the World. It’s simple. The last leader who Had to Do What Was Right in His Own Mind, was wrong. Now honest and fair Americans and whoever else is here, all you have to do, is faithfully and trustingly follow this one little rule:

“Do EXACTLY as you’re told, WHEN you’re told to do it…so you will NEVER fail.”

As for me, I was forced to follow the First True Black President Ever, in the last Most Ethical Administration Ever:

“I don’t remember, I did nothing wrong, everybody does it, let’s move on.”

Now I’m just moving on, confused. I’ve faithfully followed my most brilliant President since 1992! I just wanted some of what he had. Now I am compelled to follow the hope and change of My really Most Brilliant President Ever. Now I also want some of what He has. Just my fair share, which is appropriate. Just what’s affordable, universal, special. Special rights are fair. It’s so divine to get me mine, stimulating me always more to be happier than the so scared but excited faithful follower I have been all along.

Yet TODAY, I am told we are “all servants of the same flame”.

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